What are the benefits of buying Outbrain programmatically?

Outbrain has been the leader in native advertising solutions for over a decade. Our proprietary feed experience allows marketers to engage audiences at the moment of discovery, across the world’s premium publishers. 

You can now access the benefits of Outbrain’s dynamic native ad experiences programmatically, through your DSP of choice. With our non-intrusive placements, you can expand your strategy beyond standard display — to reach your target audience with more effective and engaging native formats. 

Key Metrics:

  • Outbrain ads are 44% more likely to be trusted than other advertisements*
  • Our content is 21% more likely to be clicked on than other content*
  • Outbrains content is 24% more likely to lead to future purchases* 

*Data comes from Outbrain’s 2019 report with Lumen

Outbrain has direct, code-on-page integrations with each of our publishers, with each ad served by our proprietary algorithm. This means programmatic buyers have the most efficient connection to supply, removing intermediaries and increasing transparency.

And our Smartfeed format that gives advertisers a “feed-like” experience that can be 100% share of voice and brand-safe, in-article, high CTR, high viewability, and more. 

Outbrain’s programmatic team is fully available to work with you to select one of our curated deal packages on your DSP of choice. Outbrain is integrated with a range of top DSPs to make it as easy as possible for you to begin working with Outbrain programmatically. 

Outbrain offers the scale and unique supply that buyers need to capitalize on the growth of native, and can offer plug-and-play deal solutions to help clients reach their goals. Our team is continually testing and optimizing our integrations, ensuring our teams have the most up to date information to assist you in setting up and troubleshooting your campaign.  

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