What is Max Conversions Bid Strategy?

Max Conversions is one of the three automated Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) modes, alongside Target ROAS and Target CPA. Opt for Max Conversions mode when your primary goal is to maximize the number of conversions while spending the entire campaign budget.

Max Conversions CBS brings you as many conversions as possible within your budget. With this mode enabled, our system will automatically optimize your campaign all with the overarching goal of bringing in the most conversions possible within the allotted budget. Please note that your campaigns’ baseline CPC may increase or decrease due to our system’s automatic optimizations.

*Please note: Starting March 1st, you won’t be required to fill in a CPC on Max Conversions campaigns. If you want to keep control over your CPC, you still have the ability to fill in the Bid Cap, under the Additional bidding options menu.

How do I optimize my campaign with Max Conversions CBS enabled?

In order to monitor conversions and spend, you will maintain control over the campaign budget. Make sure to increase your budget when you’re reaching your goals in order to get more scale, or gradually decrease it if looking to improve performance.

Additionally, you’ll have the option to set a Bid Cap that will allow you to set an upper limit to your campaign CPC. To learn more about how to work with the Bid Cap setting, refer to instructions below.

Working with Bid Cap:

  • To maintain the highest number of conversions within your set budget, the system will automatically adjust the CPC for each serving based on multiple data points.
  • You are able to set a Bid Cap that will act as the maximum CPC amount you’re willing to pay for auctions with higher expected conversion rate. For best results, we suggest removing the Bid Cap or setting it as high as you’re willing to pay for high converting audiences.
  • There are cases where the system can get more conversions within budget – in those cases, the system will increase the CPC. When the CPC reaches the Maximum CPC threshold (as defined by the Bid Cap), the system will no longer be able to raise bid higher. In that case, you will see a “Maxed” indication in the CPC column of your campaigns.
  • To enable more scale and get more conversions with your target ROAS, either remove the Bid Cap limit, or raise it in campaign settings so the algorithm can continue optimizing and maximizing the number of conversions.

Who should use Max Conversions CBS?

If your primary goal is to maximize conversions, Max Conversions CBS is a great choice for you. With this mode enabled, we will help to fullfil your budget while bringing in as many conversions as possible.

Or, are you a performance marketer whose campaigns are capping too early in the day? Max Conversions will improve the CPA on these types of campaigns by ensuring that your campaigns are running during peak converting hours.

If Max Conversions doesn’t sound like it’s best suited to achieve your goals, check out our Conversion Bid Strategy Help Center article to learn more about the other three modes.

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