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    What is Max Conversions Bid Strategy?

    Max Conversions (previously called Fully Automatic) is one of the three automated Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) modes, alongside Target ROAS and Target CPA. Opt for Max Conversions mode when your primary goal is to maximize the number of conversions while spending the entire campaign budget.

    Max Conversions CBS brings you as many conversions as possible within your budget. With this mode enabled, our system will automatically optimize your campaign all with the overarching goal of bringing in the most conversions possible within the allotted budget. Please note that your campaigns’ baseline CPC may increase or decrease due to our system’s automatic optimizations.

    How do I optimize my campaign with Max Conversions CBS enabled?

    In order to monitor conversions and spend, you will maintain control over the campaign budget. Monthly and campaign budgets will be limited to standard pacing only.

    Important to Note

    • Max Conversions mode is programmed to not raise your CPC more than 1.8x the entered CPC in order to maximize conversions. For example, if the entered CPC is $0.50 USD, the max optimized CPC can be up to $0.90 USD. Max Conversions mode can then raise that max optimized CPC up to 2x per serving, depending on the predicted CVR of that serving.
    • There are cases where your campaign might hit the CPC threshold and still not be able to utilize the entire budget (usually caused by starting the campaign with too low of a CPC for the required budget). This means that the campaign is not maxing out on traffic and as a consequence, not reaching its full potential when it comes to driving conversions.
    • When this happens, you will notice a yellow box around the “Optimized CPC,” which indicates that you should raise your entered CPC (see below). This will allow our system to further raise your CPC in order to fulfill your budget.

    How do I fix this?

    You can fix this by editing your Entered CPC (on the Campaign Settings page) to match the Optimized CPC, as seen below:

    Who should use Max Conversions CBS?

    If your primary goal is to maximize conversions, Max Conversions CBS is a great choice for you. With this mode enabled, we will help to fullfil your budget while bringing in as many conversions as possible.

    Or, are you a performance marketer whose campaigns are capping too early in the day? Max Conversions will improve the CPA on these types of campaigns by ensuring that your campaigns are running during peak converting hours.

    If Max Conversions doesn’t sound like it’s best suited to achieve your goals, check out our Conversion Bid Strategy Help Center article to learn more about the other three modes.

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