Amplify Dashboard User Interface Changes

You may have recently noticed some changes to your Amplify dashboard. Outbrain always strives to provide you with the best experience when using Amplify, and we’re excited to announce that we are making a series of dashboard improvements.

These changes will be applied on a rolling basis, so we want to make sure you have one central resource to stay updated on the newest features and improvements.

We suggest you bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Main Campaign Screen

Increased Budget Visibility (December 16, 2021)

The Budget column now provides visibility into the amount spent to date, versus just the overall budget. This budget progress bar is another example of how the dashboard is being improved to enable quick status checks and instant recognition of campaign parameters. 

We’ve also added a clear call-to-action for capped and maximized budgets to guide users how to optimize their campaign spend, ultimately expanding reach and improving performance.

On/Off Campaign Status Column (November 30, 2021)

The campaign status column has been changed from a drop-down menu selection to an on/off toggle format to enable quick campaign status checks at a glance and seamless switching from on to off or vise versa.

Campaign Dashboard Table Appearance (November 30, 2021)

We’ve changed the overall look and feel of the Campaigns grid to provide a cleaner interface and allow for more customizability. 

Campaign Creation Flow

New Audience Targeting Layout (January 31, 2022)

We combined the Audience Targeting tactics into one simple section where the options are presented as side-by-side buttons: Outbrain’s full audience, Custom audiences, Contextual (IAB), Outbrain Interest, and Attributes.

New Location Targeting (December 16, 2021)

We’ve replaced additional buttons with a simpler drop-down menu of options. In addition, the default location targeting is now Worldwide (global).

New Advanced Placement Targeting Format (December 16, 2021)

We’ve combined all Advanced Placements & Targeting options into one collapsed card with clearer explanations.

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