How do I track conversions?

    So, you’ve got tons of clicks coming in. Now what? You’ll want to make sure those clicks are headed toward the right place: a conversion. To set up multiple conversions tracking, read on! To learn more about Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Conversion Bid Strategy, and A/B tests, please visit their respective articles!

    How To Set Up Multiple Conversions Tracking

    First things first, let’s make sure you’ve got the pixel implemented and active. This is the first step in tracking and optimizing for conversions.

    If you haven’t already, copy your Outbrain pixel from the Conversions tab of your dashboard, then place it in the header of every page of your site. Test it using our pixel tracker extension, and make sure it reads as “Active” back in your Conversions tab. If you have any questions about this along the way, read through our set-up guide.

    Tracking conversions will allow you to see when a user converts after clicking on one of your ads. If you’ve already set this up, but are struggling to receive any conversions, some of the pointers in this guide may help. There may even be something wrong with your pixel implementation, in which case you can always reach out to us for support!

    Still have a question, though? No problem – we’re here to help.

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