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    What targeting options are available to me?

    Who knows your customer best? You do. That’s why we’ve given you tons of ways to identify your ideal audience segment and find the right users at the right time.

    You can target your audience using:

    Audience Segmentation
    Location-Based Targeting (Geo Targeting)

    We also offer advanced targeting options to really help you hone in on the desired audiences for your campaigns:

    Interest Targeting
    Attribute Targeting
    IAB Category Targeting is also available, which allows you to reach your desired audience based on the granular topics and articles they are reading in real time, without reliance on user-based data.

    To start, open up your campaign settings using the pencil icon next to the campaign’s name.

    From here, you can access all the unique targeting options for your campaign. Scroll down to the “Targeting”  or “Placement” section.

    Audience Segmentation

    In the ‘Audiences’ tab of the dashboard, you can create a custom audience meant to retarget existing users, target campaign clickers, or target users who “look like” your existing users.

    Once you’ve created your audience segment, we recommend letting it reach a size of at least 30,000 users. Once this is all set, head back to your campaign settings menu and scroll down to the “Targeting” section. From here, you’ll be able to target your campaign to the custom audience segment that you made.


    Using the “Include Audience Segments” field, select which audience segment to target.

    You can also exclude audiences that you’ve created. If you built a Custom Audience of users who have, for example, bought your product, you can then exclude this group in order to target only those who haven’t yet made a purchase.

    Location-Based Targeting (Geo Targeting)

    You can also target your campaign based on country, state/region, U.S. DMA, or postal code. Simply type the name or postal code of the area(s) you wish to focus on to add the location to your campaign.

    You may also exclude locations if you do not want your content to be served in a specific location(s). With this feature, you can target broad geos and exclude certain locations within them. Please note that the reach estimator does not support exclusions at this time. Therefore, the scale may be more limited than displayed.

    To target or exclude multiple locations at once, download the template and fill out the fields accordingly. You are able to upload up to 7,000 postal codes to one campaign.

    There is one template for importing location inclusions/exclusions with the following headers:

    • Location Type (country, region, DMA, postal code) – mandatory to enter
    • Location Name – relevant for country, region, DMA
    • Country Initials – relevant for postal codes
    • Postal Code – relevant for postal codes

    *Please leave irrelevant cells empty*

    Finally, select “Import” below the targeting inclusions or exclusions and choose your saved CSV file. These location names will auto-populate upon successful upload.

    ** Please note that postal codes (both included or excluded) are not supported by our Reach Estimator. **


    You can select which device platforms to target – desktop, tablet, and/or mobile. We recommend creating separate campaigns for each platform, so that you can test which works best for your content. Also, keep in mind that you should start with a higher CPC for desktop than for mobile or tablet.

    In addition to Platform/OS & Browser Targeting, you can also enable to following:

    • WiFi Targeting: Serve specifically to mobile devices connected to WiFi. This enhanced targeting feature is useful when looking to reach mobile users with a high-speed connection. A few use-cases are as follows:
      • Promoting an app or game
      • Redirecting users to a “data-heavy” landing page
      • Downloadable’s
      • A conversion that requires an online payment
    • Outbrain Extended Network: The Outbrain Extended Network expands your reach to access additional premium publisher sites beyond Outbrain’s direct placements through native SSP’s (supply-side platforms), without any additional effort.

    • Adblock: Enables you to exclude users who have ad-blocking software installed. We do our best to ensure your content isn’t served to these users. However, when users target specific publisher sites, we are unable to detect an ad blocker, which may result in a small portion of traffic coming from these sources.
    • High Impact: These units are 100% brand-exclusive units. To learn more about High Impact placements, please visit This Help Center article!

    Important to Note

    • Adding too many audience targeting features may restrict the reach of your campaign and lead to poor performance. If you are having trouble reaching your daily budget, try removing some of your audience targeting.
    • When using any targeting options, always keep an eye on the Potential Reach estimator to ensure that your campaign reaches enough audiences

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