What audience targeting options are available to me?

Who knows your customer best? You do. That’s why we’ve given you tons of ways to identify your ideal audience segment and find the right users at the right time.

You can target your audience using:
Interest Targeting
Audience Segmentation
Location-Based Targeting (Geo Targeting)
Platform Targeting

To start, open up your campaign settings using the pencil icon next to the campaign’s name.

From here, you can access all the unique targeting options for your campaign. Scroll down to the “Targeting” section.

Interest Targeting

This feature allows you to select your target audience segment based on the topics that they’re most interested in, giving you a higher level of granularity when choosing where your campaign should appear.

First, locate the “Interest” section.

From the list of interests, you can select an entire category.

You can also select a subcategory within that category, or any combination of subcategories and categories that you’d like.

When selecting multiple categories or subcategories, each one will be treated as a separate group. For example, if you select “football” and “cooking” you will reach people who are interested in either football OR cooking.

However, if you select the “AND” option and pick an interest, you will only reach people who are interested in both football and cooking. Please keep in mind that the more “AND” interests you add, the smaller your scale will be, because the audience is becoming more and more niche.

You can also exclude interests if you wish, although keep in mind that doing so runs the risk of significantly reducing your campaign reach.

With each interest selection, make sure to check the Reach Estimator on the right side of the menu. This gauge will tell you how large or small your reach is and can help you decide whether to expand or narrow your target range.

If your campaign isn’t spending enough, it’s likely due to narrow reach; in this case, try removing some audience targeting to open your campaign up to a larger audience.

Once you’ve reviewed your audience targeting options, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the menu.

Audience Segmentation

In the ‘Audiences’ tab of the dashboard, you can create a custom audience meant to retarget existing users, target campaign clickers, or target users who “look like” your existing users.

Once you’ve created your audience segment, we recommend letting it reach a size of at least 30,000 users. Once this is all set, head back to your campaign settings menu and scroll down to the “Targeting” section. From here, you’ll be able to target your campaign to the custom audience segment that you made.

Using the “Include Audience Segments” field, select which audience segment to target.

You can also exclude audiences that you’ve created. If you built a Custom Audience of users who have, for example, bought your product, you can then exclude this group in order to target only those who haven’t yet made a purchase.

Location-Based Targeting (Geo Targeting)

You can also target your campaign based on country, state/region, U.S. DMA, or postal code. Simply type the name or postal code of the area(s) you wish to focus on to add the location to your campaign.

This will allow you to specify user IP locations. To import multiple locations at once, click “Import” and select an option from the drop-down. To add locations other than postal codes, click the “Other” option. Download the provided template, enter your specifications and click “Choose a CSV File” when you’re ready to upload them into the campaign. If you don’t see your desired location options, please reach out to us for assistance.

Platform Targeting

You can select which device platforms to target – desktop, tablet, and/or mobile. We recommend creating separate campaigns for each platform, so that you can test which works best for your content. Also, keep in mind that you should start with a higher CPC for desktop than for mobile or tablet.

Important to Note

  • Adding too many audience targeting features may restrict the reach of your campaign and lead to poor performance. If you are having trouble reaching your daily budget, try removing some of your audience targeting.

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