Which Smartad should I use to meet my goals?

    We offer advertising solutions for every marketers’ goal. Looking to drive engagement, improve sales, or increase brand awareness? No matter what your marketing goals are, we have a Smartad for you! Outbrain’s Smartads dynamically fit within Outbrain’s proprietary native placements across our publisher partners — creating the most relevant, native consumer experience on the open web.

    Find the Smartad format that’s right for you

    Standard Smartad

    Standard Smartads are the bread and butter to Outbrain’s offering and provide a clean and simple way to showcase your offering. Reach your audience, drive leads, and boost sales with quality images, engaging copy, and an optional call-to-action button.

    Carousel Smartad

    Carousel Smartads allow you to showcase up to 10 images at a time to tell a brand story while driving real results. This rich advertising experience enables you to get more ad space within a single Outbrain Smartad while also driving action through optional CTAs.

    App Install Smartad

    With CTA buttons, brand logos, app store ratings, and both GIF and static images – The App Install Smartad features more ways than ever to drive engagement. This robust Smartad format provides a clear path to action to increase app installs from high LTV consumers.

    Outstream Video

    Increase reach and maximize awareness with Outbrain’s Outstream video. The Outstream video format starts playing once it is in-view to ensure that the consumer is engaged and to avoid an interruptive ad experience.

    Click-to-Watch Video

    Let consumers interact with your brand through an immersive and interactive video experience that drives meaningful engagement and concrete results. This video format is best suited for longer-form videos as it is 100% user-initiated — and only plays when a user opts-in and “clicks to watch.”



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