Why was my content rejected?

    It’s not you, it’s our guidelines! Have you read them yet? Here, we outline what kinds of content are acceptable, prohibited, or restricted in our network. Even if you have received a rejection email, there are still a few tweaks you can make to be accepted in our network.

    This guide features some of the most common rejection reasons. Was your content rejected for lacking a Privacy Policy or Contact Us link, or for not disclosing your advertorial? Was it rejected for false navigation or icons? If so, then this guide’s for you! Fixing these issues will improve the chances that your content is accepted the next time you submit a campaign.

    Let’s start with the footer of our landing page.

    Now, let’s scroll to the top of our landing page.

    These are some of the most common rejection reasons and the ways you can fix them. If your content was rejected for any other reason, please read over our content guidelines (or reach out to Support) to see what is allowed and what isn’t.

    If you feel that you have addressed the rejection reason and that your landing page is ready to be Amplified, go ahead and launch a new campaign (or duplicate your existing one), and our content team will take another look. You can also email our wonderful Support team if you have any further questions.

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