Why was my content rejected?

    When starting out on Outbrain it is important to note that there are several content guideline policies that need to be honored in order to get your content approved. While we have many policies specific for what types of content are allowed to run on the platform (found HERE), the below policies are relevant to all advertisers on our platform, and need to be considered no matter the content you are promoting.

    If you are promoting new content on the Outbrain Platform, please run through the below questions to make sure they are compliant before submitting it.

    Landing Page Specifications:

    1. Do you have a “Contact Us” section clickable on your Landing Page?
      1. Does it contain a valid Email, Physical Address, or Phone number?
    2. Do you have a Privacy Policy clickable on your Landing Page?
    3. Are your Social Media or Brand Partner icons (As seen on Dr. OZ, Fox News, MSN, etc) click through-able to relevant pages?
    4. If your landing page is an advertisement, do you have clear advertorial disclosure at the top of your page?
    5. Is your landing page fully functional, with clickable links to completed pages?
    6. Is there a video on the direct landing page? If so, can you play, pause, adjust volume, and see the length of the video?
    7. Do you have all the required health and financial disclaimers at the footer of your landing page?


    Headline Specifications:

    1. Is your headline grammatically correct, with proper punctuation?
    2. Do you follow a standard capitalization format, with no non-acronym words fully capitalized? (IE no FREE, SALE, CLICK)?
    3. Does your headline match the content on your landing page (i.e. not misleading)? Is it too sensational/overpromising?

    Image Specifications:

    1. Is your image clearly identifiable for what it is and relevant to your landing page?
    2. Is your image not low quality or pixelated?
    3. Is your image not photoshopped or graphically modified?

    While the above questions do not cover all our content guidelines, they are the most common reasons normally compliant content gets rejected. Ensuring they are all addressed for your campaigns will avoid unnecessary delays and frustration. For our complete content guidelines, please read them here

    If your content was already rejected for any of the above reasons, please make any necessary changes and resubmit your content for review. A guide for modifying or resubmitting content can be found here.

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