Can the Outbrain Pixel be used with DCM Floodlight?

While there is a way to implement our Pixel within DCM Floodlight, there are some limitations you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Only event based conversions can be tracked
  • Custom Audiences segments cannot be built using this Pixel with the exception of Converters Segments

To implement our Pixel with Floodlight, follow the steps below:

1.) In your Amplify Dashboard, hover over “Pixels” and click “Conversions” in the drop-down.

2.) Click the ‘View Outbrain Pixel’ button to bring up the Pixel code.

3.) Copy and paste the Outbrain Pixel code into a notepad or Word file (you will be adding more code to this, so keep this file open). Here’s an example of the script you would have in your notepad file:

4.) Click the Add Conversion button and create a new Event Based Conversion. When creating a conversion, you will need to give it a name and select any other options you’d like.

5.) Click ‘Save’ and copy the Event-Based Conversion code.

6.) Add this Event-Based Conversion code at the end of the Outbrain Pixel code you had copied earlier. Make sure to include an open and close script tag around the Event Based code. See the example below:

7.) Add the modified Outbrain Conversion Pixel to onto the already existing tag within Floodlight


Important to Note:

  • Due to the nature of implementing the Outbrain Conversion Pixel onto a Floodlight tag, the Pixel cannot track URL based conversions
  • This Pixel cannot be used to create Custom Audience segments with the exception of Converters Segments (as those segments are built off of conversions)
  • Outbrain recommends to not implement our Pixel via DoubleClick Floodlight tags as unlike a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager, Floodlight is not designed for managing 3rd party tags.
  • We have tried this method with Sizmek tags and had success
  • Our DIY Customer Success team team is unable to provide assistance with this process. We recommend only proceeding if you or your web developer have the know-how!


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