Willkommen, Daniel Holm!

|Sarah Gavin

It’s an exciting day for Outbrain DACH, as we introduce the newest member of our European team (drum roll please…) Willkommen, Daniel Holm!
Daniel Holm

Daniel has over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing and sales industry under his belt, working on the publisher side of Yahoo and AOL (to name a few). He joins as the third addition to our thriving Munich-based team, working alongside Alexander Erlmeier and Patrick Fuhrbach.

We sat down with Daniel, prior to starting his new role as Director of Brands and Agencies in Germany, to get the inside scoop on his favourite content, and predictions for content discovery in 2014.

We ask Daniel, why Outbrain?

Why did you want to join Outbrain?

Seeing media trends from a publisher perspective over the past 10 years, especially as a sales director at a media company for specialist information in the fields of Digital Marketing, Media and Communications, high-quality content, whether paid or free is essential for survival for a publishing house. Outbrain has a great technology and smart approach how to offer and monetize quality content online and mobile.

What is the most attractive aspect of Outbrain’s culture?

Outbrain has an international, highly-motivated, hands-on team which breaks all boundaries of culture, time-zones and language. It’s two weeks before my regular start, and I already feel well affiliated with lots of people from different countries. I’m really excited and can’t wait to get involved with the Outbrain family.

What are the most interesting insights from your previous experience that you will bring to bear at Outbrain?

I worked in the communications and media branch for the most popular print and online magazine in Germany, which gave me a deep insight into editorial office culture and behaviour; how a media company thinks, what it feels and what it needs. Furthermore, understanding clients who want to promote their extra-ordinary content in the most effective way is also an essential and interesting insight which I gained.

Do you have any predictions for 2014 relating to content discovery and marketing?

As products and services in our daily lives are permanently changing and increasing, personal attention is lost due to comparability and information overflow. The challenge will be: when, where, how and to whom to tell a great story to, as people will carefully consider sharing any content online.

What are some of your favourite types of content?

I really enjoy reading Daily News, Business News, blogs for deejay gear, and sites about motor bikes. I like virals, and good ‘how-to´s’ websites.

How would you summarise your background?

I have a Digital Sales, team leader background, with a hands-on mentality. I have acquired a huge business network after years working for Yahoo, AOL and Bertelsmann/arvato, and looking forward to utilising this at Outbrain. I have a proven track record and fundamental background in web design & development.

What do you love about start-up organisations?

I love the communal spirit and strength to create and improve something new and exceptional, which is what the Outbrain team have been doing, and what I’m excited to be involved in; working together towards one joint idea with equal basic condition, the will to change and adjust permanently to reach success.

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