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9 DIY Tips to Launch Your First Outbrain Campaign

Boaz Hershkovitz
Boaz Hershkovitz

9 DIY Tips to Launch Your First Outbrain Campaign

So you’ve decided to go with native advertising for your new campaign. Great news!

Setting up your first campaign on Outbrain is fast and easy, but there are some DIY tips you really should know to get the most out of your campaigns from the get-go.

So, what are the first things to consider before going live, and immediately after? Let’s walk through the process and show you the ropes – consider this your roadmap for a successful launch of your Outbrain campaign:

  1. Timing is everything
  2. One URL per campaign does the trick
  3. Try out multiple ad headlines and images
  4. Separate your campaigns by mobile and desktop
  5. It’s all about conversions!
  6. Adjust your bid strategy
  7. When to cap your daily budget and lower your bid
  8. Create new campaigns rather than adjusting existing ones
  9. Keep calm – and launch your Outbrain campaign

#1 Timing is everything

Every piece of content submitted to the Outbrain network is reviewed by our QA staff to make sure it is the right quality and fit.

We recommend that you submit your campaign a week before your expected launch date. This will give you time to make sure your content meets our editorial guidelines, and tackle any issues that may arise.

If you’re scheduling a campaign to launch on a future date, make sure to enable the campaign via ‘Play’ mode. If it is set to ‘Pause’, it won’t be reviewed, which will cause delays later on.

#2 One URL per campaign does the trick

Although you should have a number of ads in each campaign, our best practice is to use just one URL per campaign, rather than multiple URLs. Once our algorithms explore your content, they’ll start distributing it across our premium publisher network.

Later on, when the system gets to know which of your ads is working best, it will optimize towards that ad, so you get the most bang for your buck!

#3 Try out multiple ad headlines and images

Be sure to upload a variation of 6-8 headlines and images for each URL you submit. This helps our platform test out different versions, so it can effectively optimize towards the best performing ads for the target audience, and this has been shown to boost CTR!

Remember, try to make your headlines and images relevant and compelling for your niche audience.

#4 Separate your campaigns by mobile and desktop

Depending on your target market, industry, and the type of product or service you are promoting, mobile traffic may see higher CTRs than desktop. In response to the variance in CTRs, the algorithms used by Outbrain cause mobile traffic to be prioritized over desktop traffic.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate mobile and desktop campaigns. This will allow desktop traffic to actually accrue, which will often not happen in joint campaigns.

By evaluating your campaign performance according to device, you can allocate your budget more effectively, and better optimize your campaigns.

#5 It’s all about conversions!

As a performance marketer, you’re naturally focused on hitting those conversion goals!

Begin by implementing the Outbrain pixel across your site, which will enable you to track conversions right on your dashboard. Then you can optimize conversions by creating custom audiences for retargeting purposes, or expand your reach by targeting lookalike audiences (untapped audiences similar to your existing audience).

You can also track the actions your customers are making when they browse your site by setting up multiple conversion goals, either URL-based or event-based. The more data you have about your audience’s activity on your site, the better positioned you are to maximize your conversions.

#6 Adjust your bid strategy

When you’ve had at least one conversion, the Outbrain system can start doing the heavy lifting for you. Our system is equipped to automatically adjust your CPC (Cost-Per-Click), based on opportunities for higher conversions.

How? Adjust your bid strategy for conversions and watch the conversions flowing!

With your campaign set to optimize towards conversions, our algorithms will utilize a dynamic bid model to locate the publisher sites where your target audience is most likely to convert.

According to our data, campaigns using Conversion Bid Strategies have an average increased conversion rate of 12% and an average CPC reduction rate of 4%. So make sure to implement this step and start seeing great results!

#7 When to cap your daily budget and lower your bid

It’s all about maximizing your ROI and getting the most out of your bid strategy. It’s really important to know when to lower your bid to get the most clicks and conversions for the lowest cost.

Once your campaign has been capping its daily budget for a few days in a row, start lowering your CPC gradually, two to four cents at a time, to ensure you continue to cap your budget on a daily basis. More clicks = more conversions!

And, be sure to raise the CPC for those publishers and sections that are sending great traffic your way.

You can also lower the CPC for under-performing sections and publishers, or exclude them from your campaign entirely if needed. Check out this FAQ for more.

#8 Create new campaigns rather than adjusting existing ones

If your campaign isn’t performing as you’d like, you might want to re-launch it with changes to get better results. In cases like these, we recommend creating a new campaign, rather than making changes to the existing campaign.

If you simply adjust an existing campaign, you are likely to receive more of the same results. This is because the Outbrain system uses historical campaign performance to drive future traffic.

Creating a new campaign acts as a kind of ‘reboot’. You’ll be generating new data for optimization, and getting the correct content prioritized in the system.

Don’t worry, creating a new campaign doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. By using the Duplicate Campaign feature, you’ll be replicating the content and maintaining CPC adjustments and blocks.

You get the benefits of a new campaign without the hassle of having to re-enter any of the information.

#9 Keep calm – and launch your Outbrain campaign

There’s never any need to panic – the Outbrain platform is incredibly dynamic and you are always in control directly from your Dashboard.

If you’re having any other issues launching your new DIY campaign, reach out to our friendly support team at support@outbrain.com.  They’re waiting to help!

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Boaz Hershkovitz

Boaz Hershkovitz

Boaz is a Senior Customer Success Specialist at Outbrain's global support team. Based out of Israel he helps marketers world wide take their first steps on the Outbrain Amplify platform, and assist advertisers with a variety of questions. In his free time, Boaz is a major aviation geek, and when he's not flying somewhere exotic you can find him roaming travel hacking blogs.

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