Top 10 Performance Marketing Agencies

Performance Marketing Agencies

Performance marketing can be a tough gig. Competitive keywords, ongoing budgets, new tools, and ever-changing rules. For brands that don’t have an in-house PPC department or prefer to outsource to seasoned experts, hiring performance marketing agencies to take on the load may be the best choice.

Although tough, when done right, performance marketing can be very rewarding, and the return on investment worthwhile. Paid search ads, for example, have an average ROI of 200%

If you decide to work with a performance marketing agency, you will want to choose one that is a good fit for your needs, in terms of capabilities, outcomes, and successes.

There are numerous performance marketing agencies out there, so we’ve rounded up 10 recommended agencies to help you in your search and get you on the road to performance marketing growth. 

Top 10 Performance Marketing Agencies

1. ROI Marketplace

ROI Marketplace specializes in native advertising, which can take the form of sponsored content or paid advertorials that fit naturally into an existing form of media. While these engaging ad campaigns are their specialty, they also offer a range of other services, such as landing page design, custom video creation, and ongoing engagement generation. 

See ROI Marketplace shine:

ROI Marketplace worked with Scott Phillips Trading, an online crypto trading course, to boost online engagement and increase new customer acquisition by 95%. Scott Phillips already had a strong YouTube following, but ROI marketplace created bold native advertising campaigns to run on trusted financial platforms to attract a larger audience. 

2. 6H Agency

6H Agency offers a full-service native advertising approach to performance marketing, helping businesses drive results at scale across leading native networks. In addition, the 6H team provides social and search marketing strategy and execution, bringing several areas of expertise under one roof. With a bold and creative approach to each campaign, 6H lets their client’s brand voice stand out and tell the story while working the performance data to optimize for ROI.

See 6H Agency shine:

6H Agency is a great example of how working with a performance marketing agency can make all the difference to a brand. Babbel, the language learning app, turned to 6H with the specific goal of improving the performance of their native advertising channel, something they had been struggling with for a time. By partnering with 6H Agency, Babbel was able to leverage the agency’s prolific knowledge and expertise in native advertising and get problems solved as they arise, leading to a significant improvement in campaign results. 

3. Xevio

Xevio offers a full package of native advertising solutions, including content production, full-funnel advertorial campaigns, and media buying services. They also produce social ad campaigns for Meta and TikTok. Xevio combines creative talent and strategic know-how to produce bold and effective performance marketing content. 

See Xevio shine:

Xevio has launched Native Hub, an education platform for digital ads and performance marketing. They offer video masterclasses in performance marketing techniques as well as personalized consulting and networking opportunities. 

4. Version2

Version2 is more than an agency – it’s a platform that uses AI technology to power performance marketing campaigns. Version2’s software, Orion, has all the features you need to plan, implement, and track your performance marketing campaigns. You can use the software yourself, or take advantage of managed advertising services with dedicated operations specialists and account managers. 

See Version2 shine: 

Version2 worked with Gabb Wireless to build an omnichannel marketing campaign that included performance, social, and native display ads. Gabb Wireless provides safe, kid-friendly cell phone services, and Version2 helped them create campaigns that were completely authentic to their brand. 

5. MVF

MVF is a performance marketing agency that works with brands across a variety of sectors. They have a roster of online media brands with an established reader base. These brands provide the perfect opportunity for performance advertising and native marketing strategies. 

See MVF shine: 

MVF worked with to build campaigns that increased conversion rates by 165% and significantly reduced customer acquisition costs. This helped the popular work platform expand internationally and boost brand recognition. 

6. BrainLabs

BrainLabs takes a data-focused approach to performance marketing, powered by a team of experts and their tech platform, Cortex. The comprehensive suite of campaign channels include paid search and social, influencer marketing, retail media, and programmatic advertising to boost brand awareness across a variety of platforms. Cortex supplements BrainLabs’s strategy with AI-powered content assistance, trend predictions, and other valuable tools. 

See BrainLabs shine: 

BrainLabs worked with Icelandair to develop AI-powered digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns resulted in a 70% decrease in cost per flight booking year-over-year and a significant increase in ROI.  

7. NoGood

NoGood breaks performance marketing tradition with a creative approach. They build a comprehensive growth plan for each client, using detailed analytics to refine their strategy over time. Services include traditional performance marketing strategies like PPC and social ads, content marketing, email marketing, branding, and more. 

See NoGood shine: 

NoGood worked with JVN Hair for a product launch, increasing the brand’s revenue by 298% quarter over quarter. The NoGood team took a multichannel approach to boosting brand awareness for JVN Hair. This included a focus on increasing the brand’s TikTok presence through user-generated content. 

8. MuteSix

MuteSix is a performance marketing agency with a focus on innovating in today’s fast-paced market. They offer custom performance marketing plans and creative services designed to help clients increase their sales goals. MuteSix’s comprehensive services include paid search and social ads, retail media, SMS marketing, and creative production. 

See MuteSix shine: 

MuteSix partnered with Dave, a financial app designed to make banking more accessible. Through a vibrant and memorable campaign that includes search and social ads, MuteSix was able to help Dave boost their revenue by 184% year-over-year. 

9. Geist

Geist helps its clients build profitable customer acquisition strategies using performance marketing. The agency works to deliver multichannel campaigns across a range of platforms and partner media brands. The Geist team prides themselves on building a sophisticated multi-step marketing funnel for its clients that drives results. 

See Geist shine: 

Geist partnered with a long-term vacation rental platform to boost return on ad spend and expand their customer base. Geist targeted audiences based on geographic location and interests and developed creative content to engage avid travelers. 

10. AdParlor

AdParlor is an agency that combines business expertise with the power of technology to create performance marketing campaigns. By working with industry experts, they create campaigns that lead to measurable long-term results. AdParlor specializes in campaign planning and execution, and also offers creative services, influencer marketing, website monetization, and analytics. 

See AdParlor shine: 

AdParlor worked with an office retail company to boost return on ad spend by 16% and ultimately increase offline conversions and sales. The multi-channel campaign included Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest marketing to reach a broader audience. 

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Performance marketing is a complex tactic that demands extensive knowledge of digital platforms and a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Working with a reputable performance marketing agency is one of the best ways to ensure that your campaigns reach the right audience and are aligned with your long-term business goals. 

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