Inspiring Inclusion: How Women at Outbrain are Making a Difference

Inspiring Inclusion - Women At Outbrain

As we move beyond Women’s History Month, the drive for DE&I championed by Outbrain doesn’t end. The theme of “Women Advocating for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” lives on through the ongoing initiatives led by the dedicated women of Outbrain. Their work is a constant reminder that DE&I is a year-round pursuit. We remain inspired by their efforts and are committed to keeping this important conversation alive every day.

Katie Secret: Empowering Global Tech Entrepreneurs

Katie Secret: Outbrain

Katie Secret, Outbrain’s CVP, Global Head of Marketing, extends her expertise as a mentor at Techstars, an accelerator that champions the philosophy that innovation can arise from any corner of the globe. In her mentoring role, Katie guides startups with their go-to-market strategies and positioning, ensuring they’re equipped to tackle the competitive business world. Connecting with entrepreneurs from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds has been a highlight for her, embodying the Techstars mission that great ideas are universal.

Hannah Fisayo: Building a Sisterhood in Tech

Hannah Fisayo: Outbrain

Hannah Fisayo, Outbrain’s Sales Director for Enterprise & Agencies and co-founder of The Tech Sisterhood, channels her energy into supporting Black women’s growth in tech. The Tech Sisterhood offers a space for these women to connect and grow professionally. Hannah’s leadership in organizing events like “The Power Shift: Leading Women in Tech” has been pivotal in providing Black women in tech with the representation and support they need to thrive.

Simona Kek: Empowering Women in Engineering and Beyond

Simona Kek: Outbrain

Simona Kek, a Data Scientist at Outbrain and the founder of Klub Ada, is dedicated to supporting women in tech. Klub Ada offers a community where female students and professionals from technical backgrounds can connect. The initiative provides resources, events, and training to help women in roles like engineering, development, data science, and design succeed in their careers, emphasizing that the tech industry is a place where they belong and can excel.

Katarina Ereš: Supporting Women’s Careers at Outbrain

Katarina Eres

Katarina Eres, our Head of Enterprise & Brand Sales DACH and an Outbrain Women Empowerment (OB WE) advocate, champions gender equality and women’s career growth. Her involvement with OB WE has led her to organize insightful panels, such as “Women, Career & Kids,” that address the balance of career ambitions and family life, furthering the group’s mission to create a supportive and equitable environment for women’s advancement.

The commitment of the women at Outbrain to DE&I serve as a daily inspiration, proving that a dedicated push toward inclusivity can lead to meaningful change within the tech industry and beyond.

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