From Marketing Manager to Marketing Automation Expert: Inside a Career Shift

Throughout my career, the world of marketing automation has always captivated me. Even in my previous roles at a different company, I dabbled in various aspects of marketing automation, from sketching customer journeys to crafting content and providing briefs for email automation projects. 

The concept of marketing and automation intrigued me, but the technical complexities sometimes made me hesitate. However, after contemplation and turning down several offers, a phone call from an old colleague convinced me it was time to embrace the world of marketing automation and embark on an experimental journey. 

Despite the uncertainties, I believed in my ability to learn and adapt. Little did I know that this transition from marketing manager to marketing automation expert would be a thrilling ride, filled with challenges, opportunities, and a continuous need to reinvent myself.

Step 1: The decision to transition

The decision to transition from a marketing manager to a marketing automation professional in a hi-tech company was no walk in the park. It meant stepping out of my comfort zone and diving into a new world of technology and processes. As someone unfamiliar with the hi-tech industry, the journey seemed doubly daunting. To add to the challenge, I joined a department still under construction, with my designated manager set to go on maternity leave in just two months. But fueled by self-belief and a willingness to learn, I took the leap and never looked back.

Step 2: Overcoming challenges

The initial months presented me with countless challenges. I had to start from scratch, learning different marketing automation systems, mastering new tools, and acquainting myself with a myriad of platforms, most notably email marketing automation. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud became my loyal companion, offering a wealth of possibilities and opportunities. Taking on various projects solo, with the expectation to be the “expert,” was no easy feat. Yet, with the support of my colleagues and solid prepping by my manager, I gradually grew, learned, and honed my expertise. What initially seemed like insurmountable obstacles became stepping stones for growth. 

Step 3: Diving into marketing automation, head first

I’m developing expertise in marketing automation by doing it. My day is typically filled with things like crafting email newsletters, designing lead nurture journeys, automating lead generation funnels, experimenting with smart CTA buttons, and exploring dynamic personalization methods. Marketing automation has pushed me to shift my working focus to key performance indicators (KPIs), developing and testing email marketing automation campaigns to achieve those goals. Each new project aims to engage the audience and drive meaningful results, while at the same time leveraging the efficiency of automation to make the process go faster and smoother.

Step 4: The importance of curiosity and continuous learning 

Being a marketing automation expert requires a curious mind and a dedication to continuous learning. New technologies, features, and approaches are constantly coming up in the field, so it is critical to stay up-to-date on marketing automation trends and best practices. This demands a growth mindset, which means a lot of research, following industry blogs and other online resources, attending workshops, and experimenting with new tools. My curiosity about the intersection of marketing and automation keeps me ahead of the curve.

Reinventing the future of marketing, and my career 

Transitioning from straight-up marketing to marketing automation has been a journey filled with challenges, growth, and a continuous need to reinvent myself. Despite initial concerns, I forged ahead with a belief in my ability to learn and overcome the technical complexities. Marketing automation is becoming more advanced all the time, which means there is no option but to keep learning, experimenting, and diving into the unknown. But whatever happens, I turn on my laptop every day feeling excited to leverage the potential of automation and see what it (and I) can do next.

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