Affiliate Hub: Meet the London Team

If you follow Outbrain, you may already know that we have a highly skilled and talented team changing the ad tech space for a diverse range of clients. Affiliate marketing is on a growth trajectory, and that’s why we’ve put together a dedicated team of performance specialists to help affiliate marketers leverage the potential of the open web and scale using the Outbrain platform. In London, our Affiliate Hub Team is composed of experts Cleopatra, Giulia, and Geo.

We had a conversation over a coffee with them at 175 High Holborn in the London office and this is what we discovered. We hope you enjoy the interview! 

So what exactly does the affiliate team do? 

Giulia: An affiliate marketer is a third-party agency that receives a commission for each visit, signup, or sale they generate for a merchant. They don’t own the product or the service, they just generate traffic for them, so they have no limits in scale as long as the performance is good. 

What does the day in the life of an affiliate look like?

Cleopatra: The day of an affiliate is very dynamic and filled with a lot of numbers… We start our day by analyzing our clients’ performance and identifying further opportunities for them to find out ways to improve their existing business. The whole team from Spain, Israel, and Northern Europe gets together once a week to brainstorm and share success stories of the past week, encouraging everyone to learn from each other! We are currently in hybrid mode, working at the office twice a week, so it’s great to have meetings face to face and catch up on work and of course also non-work related things.

Describe the company culture of the London hub.  

Geo: Bringing people together was the most important goal that the company had in the post-pandemic world. Our London hub is one of the most international Outbrain offices, where we enjoy going and it feels like a family. Sometimes we sit together in the kitchen and we work from there, this makes everyone so approachable and is very easy to brainstorm with.

Giulia: We’re a small team that has a great impact. I couldn’t be more happy to be working with my colleagues, as ours is perfect teamwork! 

Open communication and trust allow us to be open and discuss problematic situations and find great solutions together. #togetherwedoitbetter 🙂 

Each of us has a different strength, and brings a very different value and perspective to the London hub, but all of us are driven by curiosity, dynamism, and dedication – which is the secret to our success!!! 

What have been the most remarkable events/highlights for you?

Geo: The event that was very important for me was the offsite we had in Bucharest last year. That was the first time we put the team together and we met face to face. We had two days of learning and … lots of fun.

Giulia: I agree with Geo, the offsite was a great experience for all of us as it brought together the rest of the team from Spain and Israel. This helped a lot to create a positive environment and built trust. I hope to have another occasion this year to meet with my teammates as I was very new at that time and I know I could bring more value to it today.

Why do you recommend clients to partner with you?

Geo: We are a very experienced, data-driven, creative team willing to give the best service to our clients. 

Giulia: Clients should never “put all their eggs in one basket”!! If Facebook, Google, Taboola are down one day, you might lose a lot of money, so it’s better to diversify your media buying and work with all channels… and ours works very well!

Cleopatra: We always strive to be better and provide great service to our clients. Providing valuable insights by working closely with them. We see it as a partnership and we share the success with them.

What makes your work fun?

Geo: To me it’s the team and the clients.

Giulia: To me, the fact that you learn to never take anything for granted. What was working well yesterday could perform very poorly tomorrow. We are always learning! On top of that, Outbrain is a great place to work. I really appreciate all the people I’ve met throughout this past year. 

Cleopatra: Also, the diversity of our team and the different cultures – there are always different perspectives on topics and I love this! 

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If you want to connect with our Affiliate team, head over to LinkedIn and reach out to Cleopatra, Giulia, or Geo

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