Why great content needs to help, entertain or distract – a content marketing Q&A with Michael Brenner of SAP

|Sarah Gavin

Michael Brenner, SAP.


At Outbrain we love good content. We love talking about it, and continuing to learn and share best practice about the space. As part of that ongoing conversation we’ve recently started profiling stars of the content marketing world, to find out even more about what rocks their worlds when it comes to content.

Last week we spoke to Michael Brenner, vice president of global marketing and content strategy for SAP. Michael discussed the convergence of data and content, and why we should stop thinking about channel and rather about renting space in people’s minds.

Content always puts the customer first, and Michael cleverly distilled an important, but sometimes overlooked point: “Great content simply needs to help someone. Or entertain someone. Or distract someone from their everyday problems.”

To find out more about Michael’s thoughts on content marketing visit the full Q&A at The Guardian:



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