What others are saying: “Outbrain is a no-brainer”

|Lisa LaCour

Marketing with meaning

Thanks to Bob Gilbreath over at the Marketing with Meaning blog for the fantastic review on Outbrain!

He has named us a “Meaningful Marketing StartUp” and describes Outbrain as a “no-brainer for any company that is producing meaningful content”.

Bob does a great job highlighting all the things we talk about every single day. We are passionate about the idea that readers are more likely to engage with marketer’s content if they are already in the mood to consume content. As Bob puts it, “With content browsing through Outbrain, people are in a relaxed reading mode and are more likely to explore your site further”.

Well said Bob.

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Lisa LaCour

Lisa LaCour: Lisa LaCour is Vice President of Global Marketing at Outbrain, where she oversees the corporate brand, communications, and... Read more

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