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|Rich Ullman

A little more than a year ago, Yaron, Ori and a few more Outbrainers walked into the corner of the Associated Press newsroom that was the Visual Revenue office, to tell that team about Outbrain’s acquisition of the company.  It was exciting.

We announced it with the promise of an unmatched end-to-end solution for publishers to optimize content on all of their pages — across any channel, screen size or device — with both editorially-controlled and automated solutions.

Now we’re thrilled to announce a major integration of the two companies’ technologies. And we point to a mashup of their customer lists as proof positive of an initial fulfillment of that promise.

That is the newly enhanced Outbrain Engage.

Today, The Independent, Le Monde, Slate and ESPN are among a list of the world’s leading publishers that are enhancing audience engagement and monetization with our broader platform.  Outbrain Engage now gives publishers and their online editors unprecedented insight in to real-time user behavior and the performance of their content, plus tools and solutions to achieve business objectives.

Here’s 5 key features:

1. Instant Headline & Image Testing – Real-time “A/B” testing of alternate headlines and images, helping editors decide which performs best.

2. Homepage position suggestions for editors to maximize story performance

3. Real-time social engagement reports to learn which stories are being shared and which are actually generating audience.

4. Performance-driven content recommendations that drive readers to read their next story (and the story after that).

5. Site-wide predictive analytics to measure live performance of site placements against prior benchmarks.

By adopting the enhanced Outbrain Engage, these and others are committed to apply a new level of scientific understanding and technology to support the craft of journalism and to content discovery.

We like to think this makes for a better, more optimized and personalized experience for every user. More importantly, though, it maintains – and enhances — the vital role of human editors and their judgment as the primary means to delight audiences.

And in the long run, that’s what both the audience and the publishers are after.

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Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman is Vice President, Marketing at Outbrain, who is responsible for the Outbrain brand and product positioning. Read more

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