Video and Earned Media: The Next Era of Content (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

Using video and earned media to drive your content marketing initiatives is something we preach often here at Outbrain. So it’s quite pleasing to see these opinions reinforced by media outlets across the Web. In addition to these two important arguments, the following links explain why you should avoid the hard sell and focus more on content, how to get content marketing buy-in from your organization and how to get more ROI from your content.

Why Your Media Plan Needs a Content Component (And How Do It Right) — Advertising Age

Carat USA President Doug Ray chats with Advertising Age about why he decided to implement earned media as part of his agency’s mass communications strategy and as part of its paid ads. He also explains the success of Smirnoff’s content marketing TV program “Master of the Mix.”

Video marketing: Short and Sweet — BtoB Magazine

This piece breaks down the ins-and-outs of video content production, including how much a video should cost and how to maximize your ROI.

How To Get Content Marketing “Buy-In” — Social Media Explorer

This blog post details a plan on how to get your entire organization excited for your content initiatives. Among the suggestions: Get everyone involved at the grassroots idea creation level.


Why You Should Write More & Sell Less – Content Marketing Works  — SmallBiz Technology

“Focusing on content not only makes your website more visible in the SERPs, but it also helps build a community of loyal clients – something that will attract even more clients in the long haul. While you might be tempted to promote your product, don’t forget to put more emphasis on content related to your industry and important news.” What he said!

Compounding The Return On Your Content — Forbes

You’re likely to read a million of these posts as you continue to research your content strategy. But this one is particularly important because of who penned it — Ken Makovsky, President of the Makovsky PR Agency. When the PR guys begin to stand behind content marketing en masse, the industry will reach new heights, as companies will begin to view earned media not as a reference point for customers, but as a piece of content that needs to be promoted, distributed and built upon.

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