Untethered Expo 2010

|Lisa LaCour

Yesterday, Outbrain attended The Big Money’s Untethered Expo 2010.  We were an exhibitor at the event so we spent the day educating people about what we do and how we can help them.  It’s an exciting time in our industry.  We met a lot of great folks who were doing some really interesting things.

Since the conference was focused around e-tablets and other digital reading devices, there were a lot of questions about using our widget on mobile devices (note: yes you can, just email us).  I tried to count how many times the question of “Is the iPad a Kindle killer?” came up, but I lost count by mid-day.

Thanks to all our friends at The Big Money for a great event. We were glad to participate. Special thanks for the yummy food. Ending the day with bite sized cupcakes from Baked by Melissa is always a plus.

See you next year.


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Lisa LaCour

Lisa LaCour: Lisa LaCour is Vice President of Global Marketing at Outbrain, where she oversees the corporate brand, communications, and... Read more

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    Good to hear about the enthusiasm!

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