Two Essential Tools for Content Curation

|Sharon Hurley Hall

The secret to successful content marketing is in choosing the right tools that will allow you to leverage your content to reach your audience in new and exciting ways. and Google+ are among the best tools available for marketers today.

Content Marketing with makes it easy to collect relevant industry information and share it widely via all your social media. All you need to use it is the bookmarklet and then you can curate on the fly as you keep up with your industry or niche. While the site itself makes much of the visual aspect of content curation, I think its killer feature is how easy it makes it to share the results of  your efforts. Used correctly it can be a one-stop shop for building authority in your niche. With a Pro account you have access to customized branding so you can keep a consistent look and feel across all your online platforms. You also get analytics, giving you actionable data on how people respond to the content you share.

How does help you as a marketer? It allows you to market with content even though you haven’t created any content yourself. Instead, you are the curator of a living, ever-evolving museum containing the most useful information in your niche. Even with a free account you can build authority in five different niches and you can have many other targeted publications with a Pro account. One-click sharing to multiple social media accounts (including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) is a real timesaver.

Content Marketing with Google+

Google+ is slowly reaching its tentacles into every part of your online life. Most people don’t think of Google+ as a content curation tool, but the +1 button  makes it just that. With a single click you can indicate what you like and share it to a select group, adding your comments at the same time. You can also post original content or links you want to share via Google+ profiles, which are now available for brands as well as for personal use. These allow you to interact with selective networks through Circles. The killer feature is Hangouts, which are free group video chats. There is tons of information available about Google+, but a good place to start is with this list of Google+ resources on Mashable.

No matter what you think of Google+, you can’t afford to ignore it. That’s because it’s been integrated into search and is available to anyone with a Gmail account. In fact, if you get a Gmail account today, you automatically get Google+ too. Your Google+ page gives you multiple opportunities to highlight what you’re about (through the profile fields) and what matters to you (through the links fields). It’s also a great way to share your insights in your niche, either publicly or selectively. And, since the site is less than a year old, there’s still the chance to make a splash in your niche.

These tools will give your content marketing efforts a new twist. Have you tried them yet? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional web copywriter and blogger. Her career has included stints as a journalist, academic writer and ghost writer.

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Sharon Hurley Hall

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