Think Quality Then Quantity (This Week in Content Marketing)

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More and more companies are trying to play catch up and jump on the content marketing bandwagon, but hiring a bunch of SEO writers who work for peanuts and churn out poorly written copy won’t cut it. Plus, find out what other content medium is in big demand…

4 Things People are Screaming While Reading Your SEO ContentBusiness2Community

Some people think SEO content and “real” content are one in the same, but guess what? Readers can spot the difference a mile away. Smart writers and focused content can achieve both goals, of course, but this post tells you what not to do.

The Word Nerd Content Marketing ChecklistBusiness Insider

It might sound obvious, but it bears repeating: “Before you can engage in content marketing, you need content to market.” This article provides some great tips you can start using ASAP, from creating relevant anchor text to smart linking, and more.

Companies Outsourcing Content Marketing Look for Quality, Customization, and StrategyBrafton

Good news for writers and third-party content providers — businesses seem to be in agreement that not just anyone can slap some content on a page and call it a day. From factually accurate and clean writing, to original, custom-created content, companies are looking for the best of the best as part of their content marketing strategy.

3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Journalist for Content MarketingContent Marketing Institute

Whether you’re looking for someone in-house or farming out your content needs, you should be sure the person you hire is up to speed with how content marketing actually works. For starters, he or she should have an online publishing background since there’s a profound difference between print and Web writing. Click to see the other attributes worth seeking out.

Video is a Rising Star Among Content MarketersThe Financial

It’s no secret that more companies are investing in content marketing, but this article reports on a survey that says 54% of North American companies plan to invest in video content.

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