The 39 Most Interesting Fashion Brands Today

Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter

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In order to find out which fashion brands are of-the-moment this season, we turned to our usual methods of madness by examining who is capturing the biggest share of audiences’ attention online.

We analyzed stories published between January 01 and February 08, 2015 about these companies and looked at how many page views per story each garnered to see how interested audiences are when these brands appear in the press.

Here are the 39 brands who made the list:


Infographic, The 39 Most Interesting Fashion Brands

The Back-Ordered Bean Boot

Many might find it surprising that L.L. Bean tops this list, but considering another rough winter for Americans and the stir the Maine retailer’s “Bean Boot” shortage has caused, perhaps it’s no great surprise.

It’s fun to think about why the other brands in the Top 10 ranked so high as well. Did Calvin Klein’s Justin Bieber campaign — love it or hate it — have the desired effect? Is Christian Louboutin getting a boost from celebrity endorsements like Scandal star Kerry Washington?

What Can Audience Interest Tell You?

PR in the fragmented, digital world is often measured in impressions; how much media coverage did the brand get? How much reach did that coverage drive for the brand?

But how much that coverage resonates with audiences is an important piece of the puzzle –and one that can be a little trickier to define. Brands can look at social shares, for example, to try to measure resonance, but social media naturally has its biases with respect to which stories and what kinds of media activity tend to have more legs. And when attention is created on social media, it tends to occur in short yet potent bubbles.

Paired with audience interest or share of attention over a longer period of time, however, and a clearer picture begins to emerge on the state of a brand’s magnetism, relevance or equity.

Which is why we’ll update this list when the next Fashion Week series rolls around and see which brands are still keeping audiences interested in what they’re up to.

Featured image courtesy of Jay Flaxman via Flickr.

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

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