Tavi Gevinson’s growing ‘Rookie’ Empire

Meghan Nesmith
Meghan Nesmith


Each week, we salute a standout site showcasing distinctive editorial design, great content, or both.

This week, we bring you Rookie.


What is it?

Rookie magazine was founded in 2011 by teenage style blogger Tavi Gevinson. It has since become home to some of the best social commentary, pop culture crit, interviews, advice columns, and makeup tips you can find on the web, with contributors ranging from award-winning journalists to your suburban teenage babysitter to Paul Rudd. Content is divided into monthly themed issues, with updates five days a week. Rookie has also spawned three print “yearbooks,” collections of pointed, bold, and challenging young writing, photography, and voices in all their colorful pulp glory.



What makes Rookie unique?

Yes, they bill themselves as “a website for teenage girls,” but Rookie’s consistently authentic voice and style makes it a worthwhile destination for anyone interested in viewing the world through a lens that is refreshingly alive to possibility. Gevinson has created a space where the voices of young people – and especially young women – are treated with total lack of condescension.

Why should you care?

Gevinson caught the attention of Anna Wintour with her blog, Style Rookie, when she was all of 14. Now 19, she has added activist, actress, and musician to her resume, and is perhaps the sharpest and most authentic voice in young media.

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Meghan Nesmith

Meghan Nesmith

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