Outbrain Amplify Mobile Campaign Update

|Natalie Chan

In 2014, mobile is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage which means that if your Outbrain traffic campaign is only targeted to desktop, you’re going to miss out on a large chunk of your audience. Mobile is key to your content marketing strategy.

Moreover, data from our Outbrain network shows that mobile click-through rates are 60% higher than desktop. Why? Compared to desktop sites, there are less ad units on mobile sites and many times, our unit is the only one on the mobile site. This means your audience is focused on the content they’re consuming and the recommendations they’re getting – that is, yours.

So your campaign will benefit from higher CTRs with a lower, recommended starting CPC than desktop too.

An Outbrain mobile campaign also allows your content to be viewed throughout the entire day wherever your audience goes – whether its to the bathroom (75% of Americans admit to taking their mobile device to the bathroom) or on the bus.

As with all Outbrain traffic campaigns, the more mobile content you have and the more titles you can test and optimize, the better for your impressions and CTR.

If you have mobile-optimized or responsive content (do a quick check here!), Get Mobile Now

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Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan

Natalie manages Customer Retention for Outbrain Amplify. Prior to Outbrain, Natalie spent most of her career focused on connecting brands... Read more

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