Our #Discovered Picks: The Death of Celebrity, German Words We Could Use in English, And More

|Brandon Carter

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A few weeks ago we asked engaged readers everywhere to help us unearth some great content discoveries ; not just the stories already trending on Twitter or making the rounds in the news but little curiosities that make the eyebrows crest or the lips curl into a smile.

We’ve had some pretty awesome entries so far, which made the task of directing your attention to 5 this week unenviable, but alas, our #discovered picks for far.

How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star

A probing look at how the Internet has brought down the church of Celebrity — for better and worse.

French Men’s Football Club Picks First Female Coach in Historic Hire

Portuguese’s Helena Costa makes history as the first woman to helm a men’s team in the top two levels of Europe’s professional leagues. And she’s only 36.

The British Soldier Who Killed Nazis with a Sword and a Longbow

The unreal story of a WWII British soldier who came to be known as “Mad Jack.”

How the Father of Claymation Lost His Company

The rise and fall of the award-winning Vinton Studios, which was probably responsible for more of our childhoods than we realized, including these weird commercials…

Domino’s Pizza “Avoid the Noid” Commercial(1987)

The California Raisin (1986)


10 Fabulous German Words with No English Equivalent

Why isn’t there an English word for “excessive weight gained due to emotional eating”?

Come across some intriguing content discoveries? Let us know @Outbrain with the URL and hashtag #discovered!

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