New Year, New Features!

|Natalie Chan

We’re pleased to share some new Amplify features that we know many of you have been excited to see. Our two newest features are designed to help you enjoy greater efficiency in managing your campaign and maximizing your traffic flow.

Creating multiple campaigns
You can now set up your own additional campaigns to get more of your content recommended!

Adding multiple campaigns means you can amplify content that you may want to track and promote separately from your existing campaign.

To add a new campaign, simply go to Campaign Settings and click on the green “Add a campaign” button!

Once your content has been approved, you’ll see the additional campaign in your dashboard. Each campaign is included under your existing account and you will be billed as per the same method as your existing campaigns.


Geo-targeting your traffic

Got content for a specific market or country? You can now geo-target your traffic by country and adjust the setting yourself.

If your campaign is currently set to global and you’d like to adjust it to one specific country, simply go to the Campaign Settings page and select “Edit” under Budget & Scheduling.

Easy as pie and you can change it again anytime you like!

Get campaign tips on managing these features and more campaign optimization tips in our FAQ.


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Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan

Natalie manages Customer Retention for Outbrain Amplify. Prior to Outbrain, Natalie spent most of her career focused on connecting brands... Read more

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  • Curtman40| March 13, 2013 at 10:22PM

    This seems like a very cool tool to use. Can small business leverage this technology as well ????


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