Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day: Who Gets More Attention?

|Wendy Bernal

Every year, in May and June we celebrate the people that matter most to us–moms and dads.   And every year, children, grandchildren, spouses, parents and other loved ones go online to find the perfect gift for their beloved parent.   In fact,  last year 95,000 articles related to Mother’s and Father’s Day ran on the Outbrain network.

The National Retail Federation has predicted spending in the US would total more than $34 billion for Mother’s and Father’s Day combined (double the spending for Valentine’s Day) proving these are prime retail holidays.

So who gets more attention – moms or dads? We took a look at our data to find out!

Consumers tend to focus more on moms than dads

Americans consumed more than twice as much Mother’s Day content than Father’s Day content.  They also read a significant amount about these holidays the day before the actual celebrations




East Coasters conduct more gift research than the rest of the US

States such as Florida, Kentucky West Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey and New York consumed this gift content at a higher rate than the rest of the US.




How can your content stand apart for Mother’s and Father’s Day?

1. Keep your campaigns live through the weekend of the actual holidays since last-minute shoppers are still searching for gift options and ideas on how to spend their special day with their parents.

2. Make sure your headlines include relevant keywords such as Mom, Dad, and gifts.  Also include words that call-out common gift ideas such as jewelry, apparel, flowers gift cards and electronics for moms; home improvement items, clothing and electronics for dads.

3. Consider how you can reach your audience with content they are likely searching for that fits with your brand.  Mother’s Day tends to have more of an emotional appeal while Father’s Day can be more practical and focused on the needs and wants of dads.



Sources: NRF 2013, Outbrain


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Wendy Bernal

Wendy Bernal

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