How to Distribute Your Content at Scale and Get Google Juice Now!

|Juan Martinez

Yesterday at BlogWorld, our CEO Yaron Galai delivered a presentation catered to bloggers and content creators looking to distribute content at scale. The theme of the address touched on an important question: “What happens if no one is reading your blog?”

In the session, he explained how Google’s new Panda algorithms have made it more important than ever for bloggers and content creators to make their content discoverable and shareable (as opposed to simply creating content that is powered for search engine spiders). From 2000-2011, keywords and link exchanges were top-of-mind for all content creators, he explained. But today, your Google search rankings are raised or lowered depending on whether your content is favorable to and discoverable for consumers.

“The best way to get Google Juice,” Yaron said, “is to not focus on Google Juice.”

In order to maximize discoverability and share-ability, Yaron suggested content creators focus on three important tasks:

1)      Write and produce great content (“Obviously,” he said)

2)      Enable content discovery and share-ability through Facebook, Twitter and use content recommendation platforms

3)      Find ways to keep readers engaged on-site after the first click (internal recommendations are one way to keep readers discovering content within your site, he said)

Following this strategy won’t guarantee that your content gets discovered, Yaron explained. “Even if you do all three things,” he said, “you may get a lot of people to come to your site, but you still may not.” So, in addition to these three steps, Yaron recommended a traffic acquisition program to kick-start content discoverability and search engine optimization.

“Traffic acquisition is a reliable and scalable way to get your content discovered and your search rankings up,” he said.

Yaron mentioned several major publishers and brands — including The New York Times and P&G — that use traffic acquisition to drive traffic to their content in support of their overall marketing strategies.

Traffic buying is also an effective way to drive readers to earned media, he said. By enabling audiences to discover positive reviews of your product or service, you can help keep old articles alive that may have already been archived on a third-party’s website.

Extending the lifecycle of positive earned media allows you to extend the number of shares and mentions you receive on social networks, and you ultimately extend the number and length of positive conversations happening about your brand on the Web. And isn’t that one of the most important goals of any content creator?

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  • Srinathreddydoodi| June 10, 2012 at 3:15PM

    well said. This is really awesome. i will definitely follow the three points mentioned here. this post helps in search engine optimization. thank you for this useful post.


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