The Future of Native Advertising with NY Times, Vox, Dell and More at SXSW

|Brandon Carter

SXSW Native All-Star panel

The (relatively) brief history of native advertising is fraught with tension. Church vs. state. Publishers vs. agencies. Customized vs. standardized. Anything this juicy must be worth fighting for, right?

Well the fight may already be over. While questions over its definition, implementation and long-term significance to the media industry abound, that hasn’t stopped a number of brands and publishers from forging ahead with sponsored content, and they’re only getting more adept.

The win for publishers is obvious: for category leader the New York Times, native already accounts for 10% of digital ad revenue, thanks to some 40 brands signing up for Paid Posts. With cutting edge design and powerful storytelling techniques, a number of these paid posts represent some of the most immersive experiences you can get online. Which means, done right, native advertising can be a win for consumers as well.

For brands, there is certainly intrigue, but the elephant in the room is: can activities like sponsored content deliver enough tangible, measurable value for brands to make a long-term investment?

Luckily for us, we get to hear from some of the most accomplished actors in the space over brunch tomorrow at Austin favorite Lambert’s. We’ll be joined by the NY Times and Vox, two publishers who made our Best Native Ads of 2014 list, and Medium, whose open platform is quickly garnering more interest from brands eager for share-of-voice in their industries. Dell, one of the leaders in branded content will help us unpack what’s really in it for brands and how it can align with their overall marketing objectives. And we will be joined by industry expert Brian Solis as well. See why we’re calling it an “all-star” brunch?

Our event is currently sold out, but if you’re kicking around downtown Austin tomorrow and you’re badly in need of a Bloody Mary, you can join the waitlist here.

Otherwise you can follow the conversation on Twitter and check back here for more insight.

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

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