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After 2 weeks of hiatus, we’re back! This week we’re delivering you the coolest discoveries from our network about pop culture knowledge, DIY mistakes, saintly cities and more. Ready to discover?

10 Surprising Things Kids Knew in 1980 and Don’t Have a Clue About Today (TakePart)

A study by Kent State University researchers ranking the most commonly known facts among college students and their 1980s equivalents suggests there are some major differences between generations. Knowledge about pop culture, science, geography and history has changed and you might be surprised by what the study reveals.

Top 10 DIY Mistakes by Home ‘Handymen’¬†(BankRate)

Listen up, DIYers. We know you think you’ve got it under control (and you probably do!) but these common mistakes could happen to you. Check out these common errors, identified by home-improvement experts, to save yourself from making them.

You Can Move to America’s 5 Most Saintly Cities (Main St)

While a bunch of American cities get their names from saints (i.e., St. Louis, San Francisco), only a few communities really live up to saintly standards. What do those standards entail? Residents who are more geniune, altruistic and nice than the average U.S. citizen. Here’s the final list of America’s “most saintly” cities.

Vitamin D Deficiency Affects Genes for Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders (Health Central)

This week in health discovery, a study has linked Vitamin D deficiency with an increased risk for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Health Central delivers the facts about Vitamin D deficiency and what this could mean for us.

How Much Should Be In Your Rainy Day Fund? (Betterment)

When it comes to good financial health you hear the same advice over and over – save, save, save. What are you saving for? A rainy day, as they say; a backup plan. But how much do you actually need to set aside for your safety net fund?

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