Discovered: Lobsters, Garage Sales & Things You Should Never Do In Bed

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Welcome to another week of Discovered. This week we explore new findings related to our daily lifestyle. Do you work in bed? Do you shop at garage sales? Are you looking for some apps to improve your day? These discoveries may just be for you.

10 Things You Should Never Buy At Garage Sales (Reader’s Digest)

Everyone loves a good bargain – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? But experience will teach you that you need to be weary of the doo-dads you buy at your local garage sale. Cross these items off your list when digging through second-hand goodies.

5 Things You Should Never Do In Bed (Tide’s Fabric Care Solutions)

Your bed is your sanctuary – it’s cozy, warm and always welcoming. To preserve the heavenly atmosphere, Tide’s provided us with a list of things you should never do between the sheets.

How to Remove Cooked Lobster From Its Shell (Martha Stewart)

Ruby red, steaming lobster is one of the best summertime meals. But, it’s also a battle royale against your food before you even get to taste it! Martha Stewart gives some tips on removing the stubborn, hard shell so you can enjoy this tasty crustacean with ease.

Micro-Apartments: San Francisco’s Newest Housing Option (HGTV Front Door)

Looking for an apartment is a stressful endeavor, especially in the beautiful city of San Francisco. To combat this problem, San Francisco politicans have approved the plan to build “micro-apartments.” Read more about this here.

17 Apps You Can’t Live Without (Daily Candy)

As if we weren’t obsessed with our smart phones enough, Daily Candy has provided us with a list of addicting apps to really get us hooked. Check out apps like SocialParent, a Facebook-type social network to help parents manage their kids and their busy social calendars.

What You May Not Know About Buffet Food (LifeScript)

Buffets are great Рyou pay a prix fixe and eat as much as you can possibly hold in your stomach with a variety of food that runs the gamut. But, aside from being extremely popular in American culture, what else is there to know about buffet food?

Feature image courtesy of Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine.

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