Discovered: 5 Tips to Throwing the Perfect Holiday Party

|Danielle Letayf

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Whimsy And Unexpected Color (The Home Depot)

Sick of seeing the traditional reds, greens, and silvers that are scattered across most holiday decorations? Use your holiday party as a chance to trade in this classic look for a more fun and whimsical theme. The Home Depot guides you on how to impress your guests with Christmas tree decorations that have pops of color and bold shapes.

12 Spectacular Gingerbread Houses (Sainsbury’s)

Planning a holiday event can often bring about unwanted stresses, so why not transport back to your childhood and make something fun, ornamental, and yummy in the process? Sure, your gingerbread houses may not be as elaborate as those on the Sainsbury list, but at least you and your guests are guaranteed a sugary treat in the end. Who’s ready to devour a teaspoon gingerbread house?

Christmas Tree Cupcakes (Tablespoon)

Transforming simple cupcakes into unique, festive treats has never been so easy! Spice up your dessert table with these delicious wintry delights.

1 Wreath 5 Ways (Walmart)

Why should Christmas trees be the only decorative attention-grabbers? Show your guests your holiday style with a festive wreath! Use this winter greenery as a canvas for your  creativity, decorating it with snowflakes and ribbons galore.

Cookie-Mix Jar Gifts (Betty Crocker)

Show your holiday party guests your appreciation with these cozy cookie-mix jar gifts. From gingerbread cookie recipes to how-to guides on turning a mason jar into a winter wonderland, Betty Crocker has the answer for bringing your guests back to your next holiday party.

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