Inspiring Change: How Charity: water Connected Audiences to Content to Make A Difference

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Here at Outbrain, we’re huge fans of Charity: water‘s noble mission to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations and their ability to inspire change with compelling stories.

Last holiday season, we partnered with them to build a new well in Ethiopia as part of their race to build 100 wells. This time around, we partnered to help Charity: water’s great content find a larger audience.

Charity: water operates with a marketing budget of $0, so prior to working with Outbrain, they relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, organic sharing and virality on social media to tell their stories. Problem is, those efforts are often challenged for scale.

Our reach with audiences and penchant for helping people discover great content aligned perfectly with Charity: water’s passion for producing it, as well as the launch of their World Water Day campaign.

The goal was to share The Birthday Project, a story about how supporters everywhere are pledging to make their birthdays fundraisers for clean, safe water, and inspiring others to join and pledge their birthdays as well. Success was measured in traffic to the Birthday Project page, as well as the number of birthday pledges that resulted from sharing the story.

Prior to promoting their World Water Day content through Outbrain Amplify, the Charity: water site received an average of 3,827 visits per day from referral traffic.

Once they launched their Amplify campaign with Outbrain, they saw:

→ 69,535 site visits over a one-week period, which, at 25.55% of all traffic, made Outbrain the #1 source of referral traffic on the Charity: water site

→ 776 birthday pledges (conversions) projected to raise over $68,000 for clean water

During the span of their Outbrain Amplify campaign, charity: water promoted two stories: Helen’s Story and the India Story, and despite already being one of Charity: water’s most popular stories, Helen’s story received:

→An increase of 42% in unique page views during the campaign

→Improved engagement, with a 57% increase in average time spent on the page and a massive drop in bounce rate from 24% to 9.8%

And the India Story, which birthed with virtually no traffic, garnered 2,000 views during the campaign, amounting to a 594% increase in unique page views, 100% increase in time spent on page, and a 75% decrease in bounce rate

“By expanding the reach of our content through Outbrain Amplify, we found the right audience and activated them to help make a difference. With Outbrain’s help, we collected valuable information on content performance and conversions we wouldn’t have been able to gather otherwise.”  – Paull Young, Director of Digital, Charity: water

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