Celebrating Singapore: A Night of Content & Conversation

|Shiri Ziegelman

Last month we had over a hundred friends on hand to celebrate our official market launch in Singapore.  Between mouthfuls of calamari and beer, we did a little investigating into the state of content marketing in Singapore and why it continues to grow in importance for brands worldwide.  Here is what a few party-goers had to say:


Content marketing in Singapore


Our own Anthony Hearne tells us about the growing momentum of content marketing in Singapore and gives us some examples of organizations that do it right.


Content marketing – A custom made conversation with your consumers


Mindshare’s Sanchit Sanga and Mediacom’s Kriti Kakar explain why consumers respond to content marketing more than to other forms of digital advertising.


Why is content marketing imperative for brands?


BBH’s Lindsey Cumming and DMG Events’ Miranda Dimopoulos discuss the importance of content marketing to brands’ different marketing objectives.


Content marketing challenges


Edelman’s Ben Israel and James Chen define today’s biggest challenges of content marketing: measurement, reach and relevancy of audience.

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Shiri Ziegelman

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