Brainpower: Spammy Headlines. Insights on Consumer Response

|Rich Ullman

Catching spammy words in articles

Readers are smarter than some marketers think

Take a look at this 2007 story from MarketingProfs on the Seven Dirty Words of Email Subject Lines. It shows what marketers have long known: click-baiting is bad for business.

Now, it seems like audiences are catching up: our data demonstrates that readers are becoming more savvy to the spammy tactics used by some advertisers as they aim low in their bid for clicks. Audiences show measurably lower engagement with titles that use words like “Easy,” “Free,” and “Magic.”*

Here at Outbrain, we strive to balance “clickability” with honesty in our headlines – a move we believe creates trust between reader and content (in fact, we just released new headline guidelines to help guide our entire network toward this goal). With this data in mind, you can better connect audiences with your authentic content by building on the trust your create when you avoid the spammy tactics of the past.

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Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman is Vice President, Marketing at Outbrain, who is responsible for the Outbrain brand and product positioning. Read more

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