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|Tina Coll

The Fall TV season is in full swing, so we’ve taken a look around the world. We’re going beyond the on air ratings to take a deeper view of online content – and what audiences are most tuned into.


Nerds are having their revenge.

It shows that The Big Bang Theory is the world’s most-loved TV show. Bam! Good news for science geeks. Despite earning only a small portion of the Fall TV media coverage (5% of Fall TV stories published), The Big Bang Theory accounted for 19% of Fall TV content consumption globally. This made it the most read about of all the TV shows in our analysis (along with Sons of Anarchy), ahead of shows that had anywhere between 2 and 4 times as many stories published on them.

Fans of the Pritchett-Tucker-Dunphy-Delgado clan need not worry. Modern Family and the third most popular show in the study , the unrelated Sons of Anarchy, both generated interest from content consumers that was vastly disproportionate to their media coverage. Modern Family’s share of page views was 74% larger than its share of stories published (18% vs 10%, respectively) Sons of Anarchy’s share of page views was twice as large as its share of stories published (22% vs 11%).

“Emmy for Biggest Fans of Fall TV Content goes to…”

There’s no stopping the Kiwis of New Zealand from consuming their Fall TV content, making up 0.12% of national page views, followed by Spain and the U.S. (0.10% of national page views in each country).

Change the channel. Fire up the mobile phone.

The Walking Dead might just be walking tall — or dead. The show accounted for a staggering 22% of the stories published on all 14 shows. However, the show’s share of total global consumption was only half the size (11% of Fall TV page views).

The show to receive the least amount of media coverage was True Detective with 0.17% of stories published globally. While Netflix’s House of Cards received meager coverage (1.9% of stories published), it still topped audience charts for most popular Fall TV show content in France, Singapore, and Japan.

House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are the top shows mostly in countries like Singapore and Australia where Netflix isn’t even available yet, but that’s not getting in the way of local audiences tuning in. Is it that linear TV can no longer satisfy the digital savvy, mobile-first countries of Asia-Pacific?

Shows that received the least fanfare engagement were crime fighter shows True Detective, 24, and Homeland. Looks like the science geeks have discovered the secret sauce of great TV content that these super sleuths have yet to uncover.


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