Brainpower: How Content Engagement Varies Around the World

|Rich Ullman

A Global Look at Content Engagement Patterns

Who cares about what and where?

Chart: Category Engagement by Country

Do your interests align with those of your fellow countrymen? Does Travel trump Tech in Tel Aviv? We’ve created a spectrum of global engagement patterns so you can take a quick look into how content is consumed in different parts of the world.

Some interesting takeaways:

  • Israeli Internet users, despite living in an epicenter of innovation and start-ups, are minimally interested in tech content.
  • Americans break the stereotype of being less aware of current events, showing highest engagement with news content.
  • France, Singapore and Spain are super-fans when it comes to sports.

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Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman is Vice President, Marketing at Outbrain, who is responsible for the Outbrain brand and product positioning. Read more

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