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|Tina Coll

9am is rush hour for automotive content. Looking more closely at the keywords, you’ll see “Used” wins the Grand Prix in generating the most traffic that hour at 17% of clicks, followed by “New” and “SUV,” both at 9%. It’s clear that practical automotive content holds the key when you look at the rest of the top words: “Family,” “Buy,” “Wheels,” “Photos,” “Fuel Efficiency,” “Engine,” and “Smart.”


Audiences engage with automotive content differently when you compare content discovery vs. social media. Luxury car brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW are top performers in engaging with audiences via social media. People like and share automotive content as a way to brand themselves to their peers. With content discovery, however, audiences seem to engage most with what they find interesting and useful. They’re more pragmatic.

What drives engagement in public versus private reveals the different needs that are met through social media and content discovery. A nuanced understanding of your audience will draw the roadmap to successfully building your brand – both online and on the road.



Knowing the themes your audience cares about is the ignition key to your content strategy.  By understanding what your audience finds most interesting and useful, you can then generate content that best engages them. Keywords can serve as a starting point or can shine a headlight on what you’re missing in your automotive content lineup.

Looking at these automotive keywords as a whole provides insights into the type of content consumers will engage with as they move through their car buying customer journey. For example, providing guidance on purchasing decisions (like “How to Value a Used vs. New Car”) or taking a closer look at the key features of a car (like “Top SUVs by Engine Performance”) will serve your audience.

At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that this is just a snapshot of the automotive content that drives audiences at the 9am rush hour. What they consume later on in the day varies.


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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

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