Outbrain Amplify Dashboard Now Available in 6 New Markets

Flora Rhim
Flora Rhim

Outbrain Amplify Dashboard Now Available in 6 New Markets

Outbrain’s Amplify dashboard has been rolled out in several new and exciting markets: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Slovenia.

These countries are now a part of Outbrain’s global native advertising network, enabling marketers across all verticals to reach new, local target audiences.

Native advertising works. Now it works in 6 new countries.

With a combined population of close to 400 million (!), it has never been easier to show your brand on top publisher sites to even more people and in even more languages – in 6 new markets.

We have discussed before how native advertising is so much more effective – and cost-efficient – than display ads. Consumers look at native ads 53% more than display ads, and native advertising increases purchase intent by 18%.

What’s more, display ads tend to have a lower CTR (average 0.05% across all industries), while native ads’ CTR hovers at a higher average of 0.2% – which means you pay less for each conversion.

Scale your native advertising success.

The Amplify dashboard is all about making it easier for marketers to target their best audience, yet at the same time, scale their reach to as many potential customers as possible.

With the rollout of the Amplify dashboard in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Slovenia, it has never been easier for marketers in these locations to DIY their own native ad campaigns, and reach audiences at even higher scale.

Earlier this year, we launched the new Lookalike Audiences feature and interest targeting. These advanced targeting capabilities help marketers reach highly valuable customers and prospects with control and precision.

With these features and more, digital marketers in 6 more countries can now ramp up brand awareness, engagement, and conversions, direct from the Amplify dashboard.


So let’s jump in and get you set up with your native ad campaign!


Flora Rhim

Flora Rhim

Flora is a product marketer at Outbrain and previously spent time launching products at publishers and tech platforms. She's always looking for her next book to read, recommendations welcome.