Outbrain Amplify Comes to 7 New Countries

Nir Elharar
Nir Elharar

Outbrain Amplify Comes to 7 New Countries

Outbrain Amplify is expanding again, with seven new territories joining the Outbrain family –  across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Amplify, Outbrain’s native advertising solution for advertisers and brands, is now available in Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia, Portugal, Vietnam, and South Africa.

From now on, advertisers and marketers in these countries can target new audiences worldwide with the Outbrain Amplify dashboard.

Much more than another advertising channel.

Outbrain is a leading native advertising platform, serving over 3 trillion ads and more than 9 billion completed conversions worldwide. With Amplify, advertisers can show their ads to high-quality audiences via Outbrain’s premium publisher network, including CNN, Sky News, Time, Conde Nast, and many more.

Seven more countries are now joining in, gaining access to Outbrain’s vast native ad network that helps businesses expand their brand reach every day.

OK, but what does it really mean?

For advertisers in Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia, Portugal, Vietnam, and South Africa, the Outbrain native advertising channel can provide opportunities to boost brand awareness, reach new audiences, improve conversion rates, and increase sales – which all adds up to better ROI.

Bottom line: Native advertising works. Native ads get 5.7X more page views than social media, 50% lower CPAs than display ads, and 42% lower bounce rates than social.

Why? One reason is user intent. When users are surfing their favorite sites, like news, sports, and entertainment – where they will see Outbrain ads – they’re in what’s known as “discovery mode”. They are primed for the native experience: to discover and engage with content that is relevant to them.

Also, with Amplify, advertisers can reach their best audience with a host of advanced targeting tools, such as interest targeting and Lookalike audiences. They can even reach unexpected audiences, by targeting according to what users are really reading online (their true interests), not just what they share and like in public on social media.

With all these features and more, performance marketers in seven more countries – Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia, Portugal, Vietnam, and South Africa – can tap into Outbrain’s high-quality network and reach the traffic that brings results.

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Nir Elharar

Nir Elharar

Nir is VP of Growth Marketing at Outbrain, overseeing customer acquisition and retention for the global company. He was previously the Head of Media Department at GO Internet Marketing, specializing in performance marketing. Prior to that, he worked at Google Dublin as an Account Manager for eCommerce B2B and Healthcare clients. Nir lives in Israel with his wife and 2 daughters.