4 Steps to Re-Launching Your Company Blog

|Miko Levy

There are many effective ways to promote your business, but content marketing has quickly risen to the top of that list. If your company’s blog is not as strong as you know it can be, read on to learn how to re-launch it in just four easy steps.

1. Create an editorial calendar

It’s no surprise that the most important component of having a good blog is having high-quality content. However, it can be difficult to deliver that great quality on a regular basis. Maybe this is a problem you had with your blog before – you ran out of topics, or maybe you had a hard time coming up with good ideas regularly. By developing an editorial calendar, you can plan for your blog posts in an organized and well-balanced way. You can vary the types of content you post: company updates along with commentary on industry themes. You may not be able to plan for everything, such as a breaking news item in your industry that you may want to opine on, but having an editorial calendar will help you develop some structure to your posts’ content and schedule.


2. Vary your authorship

If you’re in your company’s marketing department, maintaining the company blog may fall under your list of responsibilities. Having to write every blog post yourself can be overwhelming for you, and underwhelming for a reader. Try varying the authors of your blog posts. You can have your CEO opine on an industry trend, or a member of a certain department write on a conference they recently attended. Even invite people from outside your company, such as an industry insider to write a post or two. Varying your authorship will help elevate your company and its executives to thought leaders and give your blog credibility.

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3. Work to spread what you have

Once you have a solid amount of content written, you’ll want to consider distribution options that will extend the life of your content. Use social media to your advantage: link to your blog on your company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You can even have employees include a link to your blog in their email signatures.

While social media helps get your posts out to a larger audience, you can increase that audience by using a content discovery platform like Outbrain. Such platforms place your content alongside the links at the bottom of articles on sites like and Slate. By using a content discovery platform, your blog posts will be seen by people who are outside your social media networks and increase your company’s position as an industry leader.


4. Monitor what works

You may have done this with your original blog, but using an analytics program in order to monitor the visits to your new-and-improved blog is important. Once you have re-launched your blog, you’ll want to know what posts are getting the most traffic and what posts are falling short. Programs like Google Analytics are inexpensive and easy to use. By having a benchmark of what’s successful and what’s not, you’ll be able to keep your posts strong, and keep readers coming back.

Re-launching a company blog can be a big undertaking, but having a great blog is important to positioning your company as a leader in your space and ultimately, attracting new customers. Being organized about your content, offering a wide variety of topics and voices, sharing your posts, and continuing to improve your blog over time will put your company on the fast track to success.


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Miko Levy

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