The Amplify Dashboard, Now Open to All Marketers in The Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden!

Flora Rhim
Flora Rhim
Osnat Rabi
Osnat Rabi

New Markets for Self Serve Amplify

We’ve made several enhancements to our Amplify dashboard over the last year and a half, giving marketers more capabilities to easily manage their Outbrain campaigns at scale.

Powerful new features such as the ability for marketers to re-engage audiences across the Outbrain network, better understand campaign ROI by tracking multiple types of consumer actions and measure mobile app download and engagement have all been added. An improved user experience gives marketers a platform that provides maximum control and flexibility when planning and optimizing their Outbrain campaigns. In fact, we are now seeing a 40% increase* in engagement with our dashboard.

Now, we’re excited to bring these enhancements to even more marketers around the globe. The Amplify platform has recently launched in the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden, further increasing our footprint to marketers worldwide. Our reach in these markets is a testament to the expansion, with over 223M monthly pageviews in Ireland, over 100M in the Netherlands and nearly 50M in Sweden.

For the first time, marketers in these countries can access our advanced targeting and campaign management tools to reach audiences across Outbrain’s premium publisher network.

And, in the spirit of this expansion, here are some things about our newest self-serve markets you may not have known:

  • French fries are served with mayonnaise in the Netherlands, and the Dutch are the world’s largest consumers of licorice. And, the Netherlands is home to more bicycles than people1
  • In Sweden, half of the country watches the Disney film “From All of Us to You” on Christmas Eve, which is called Kalle Anka och Hans vänner önskar God Jul or “Donald Duck and his friends wish you a Merry Christmas”2
  • In these winter months Swedes also often ski to work3
  • The national symbol of Ireland is the harp, not the shamrock! It’s on every coin, and Ireland is the only country in the world to have a musical instrument as its national symbol4
  • Ireland is also home to Irish architect James Hoban, who designed the United States White House4

We’re excited to continue to enable even more marketers to leverage our full-service marketing capabilities.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out all of our advanced features on our dashboard and reach out to with any comments!

*Outbrain internal reporting
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4 11 Unusual Facts About Ireland You May Not Have Known
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Flora Rhim

Flora Rhim

Flora is a product marketer at Outbrain and previously spent time launching products at publishers and tech platforms. She's always looking for her next book to read, recommendations welcome.

Osnat Rabi

Osnat Rabi

Osnat is a Product Manager at Outbrain Amplify. Born and raised in a small village in Israel, she would always prefer the countryside over the city. She's training daily for the next triathlon, to keep healthy in body and spirit, but will never eat a tomato or cucumber.