Drive Higher CTAs with AI-Generated Titles

May 2024

Introducing our latest AI-based tool for Outbrain advertisers: the Advanced Title Generator. The Advanced Title Generator tool sits in your Outbrain dashboard, designed to make it quicker and easier to craft effective titles for your Outbrain ads.

With a few simple clicks, the tool generates several options for ad titles within seconds, increasing your ability to capture the audience’s attention and boost click-through rates (CTR).

So, how does it work? The Advanced Title Generator goes beyond basic inputs like your original title and landing page. It leverages automated AI-based personalization, allowing you to tailor titles that resonate with your target audience. Select the tone of voice, gender, and age group to ensure your titles strike the right tone with your potential customers. But it doesn’t stop there—our tool also empowers you to include dynamic parameters, further enhancing the relevance and impact of your ad titles.

With the Advanced Title Generator, you can also A/B test ad headlines much faster and more efficiently, getting more from your Outbrain campaigns with the help of AI and automation. Visit the help center to learn more about how to use the Advanced Title Generator tool.

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