Native Header Bidding: New Opportunities to Engage Customers with Outbrain

Native Header Bidding Solution by Outbrain

Outbrain’s goal is to deliver a powerful advertising solution for the open web where advertisers and marketers like you can reach and engage billions of customers around the world with ease.

Today we’re making it even easier with the roll out of a new solution designed to create more opportunities for your ads to engage new customers. It’s called Native Header Bidding, and we’re excited!

Why You Should Care About Header Bidding

Header bidding is a form of programmatic advertising where publishers auction their inventory to several ad networks or exchanges in real time. This allows the publisher to auction an ad slot to a wide variety of demand partners at once, maximizing revenue from more advertisers. More and more media owners are now using header bidding to open up their inventory to a wider pool of advertisers and optimize yield.

World’s best websites and publishers use Outbrain’s recommendation platform to power a personalized content feed and drive revenue. When you run your campaigns with Outbrain, your ads appear on the parts of the page we power directly with our content recommendation units. These typically appear right below an article. 

There are many opportunities to show an ad in other places on a media partner page, like the sidebar, or at the top or middle of an article. However, the publisher’s display demand partners typically reserve these placements, which means that Outbrain does not have the option to display your ads there. This is all about to change.

What is Outbrain Native Header Bidding and Why You’ll Love It

Outbrain now supports header bidding technologies that our media partners are using. Native Header Bidding, allows us to compete for a broader set of ad placements and formats for our advertisers (that’s you!). Moreover, it helps you display your native ads in many more placements on the page, including the prominent top banner and sidebars!

Besides these awesome advantages, there are two more key benefits for header bidding through Outbrain:

  1. Outbrain advertisers continue to pay on a Cost-Per-Click basis.
  2. Campaign performance must be equal to (or greater) than the performance advertisers see from Outbrain’s “owned and operated” feed ad placements so you can be sure you’re always getting great results.

Having a bid strategy and knowing exactly which ad placements to bid on and at what price point is not an easy task (remember, media partner ads are bought and paid for based on impressions, not clicks). However, with our deep understanding of customer interests, behaviors, and page context, we can act smarter on your behalf and find new opportunities to scale your campaigns and engage more customers.

We are excited to start rolling this out with key media partners and create more placement opportunities for Outbrain advertisers on the world’s best websites.

Sit Back, Relax; We’ll Take it From Here

There is nothing you have to do or any step you need to take to enjoy the benefits of Outbrain Native Header Bidding. The entire process is seamless for our advertising partners. 

Over the coming months, as we accelerate the roll out of our header bidding solution, you can expect to see more customers engaging with your ads through our platform.

Native Header Bidding will serve your ads in other ad placements on media partners’ pages and not just on the Outbrain recommendation feed. This means your ad can appear in the middle of the article, on the side bar, or even at the top of the page, places that are usually reserved for display banners. It’s all about getting results for you.

So, what can you actually expect from Native Header Bidding?

  • More customers engaging with your ads
  • Higher Return-On-Ad Spend from your Outbrain campaigns
  • Faster growth for your business

But most of all, we’re simply excited to see how you’ll benefit from reaching more customers with new and highly coveted ad placements.


Why is Outbrain’s roll out of Native Header Bidding such big news for you? Because now there are many (many) more opportunities for advertisers to engage with open web customers when buying through Outbrain – with Native Header Bidding, we give you access to any placement on every page on our media partners’ sites.  

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