7 Affiliate & E-comm Masters You Should Be Following

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry, no doubt about it. There are many people who dream of a successful affiliate career, watching the dollars roll in. Some succeed, and even fewer make it to the big leagues and become serious affiliate and e-comm masters.

On the upside, affiliate marketers who have tasted success tend to be really generous with their time and advice, with a genuine willingness to help out their peers and colleagues. Any aspiring affiliate marketer can learn an endless amount from these affiliate pros, simply by connecting with them on social, following their blogs, joining their communities, signing up for their webinars, and tuning in to their podcasts.

So who are the affiliate and e-commerce masters you should be following already today? We’ve collected the best affiliate influencers we love to keep an eye on. Check them out!

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Mark Ling

Mark Ling is the affiliate genius behind Affilorama, one of the most comprehensive affiliate training websites. A simple sign up gets you loads of free content, including a quick start guide and 120 video lessons. Throw in an active blog, community forum and it’s definitely worth checking out. Plus, if you want to go for a paid premium membership, you get access to a bunch of website measurement and marketing tools and many more training resources. With close to a million members, Mark Ling is definitely an affiliate master to follow.

Pat Flynn

We’ve mentioned Pat Flynn before, but this is one affiliate marketing master worth a second mention! Pat is a true celebrity when it comes to building passive income online, and he has a huge following to prove it. Plus his amazing, inspiring and humble story of how he became an entrepreneurial master is worth reading. Check out his online affiliate community, including webinars and podcasts, where you can keep up to date with all the latest Pat is up to, trends, strategies and tips from the world of affiliate marketing, and much more.

Charles Ngo

Want to be inspired by a true rags-to-riches affiliate story? Start by checking out this blog about how Charles Ngo became one of the most successful and influential affiliate marketing masters around. Charles is all about getting down to (money-making!) business, with somepowerful resources available for free on his site (The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing, anyone?). Charles offers great resources for beginners starting out and affiliates who want to step it up, so what are you waiting for? Connect with Charles today.


Atilla is the master to follow for everything you need to know about affiliate marketing with paid traffic sources. The iAmAtilla blog was built from the ground up and offers awesome content, tips and tools recommendation to help you excel at performance marketing. The site is jam-packed with useful information, including a free ebook and how-to guides for different paid platforms and channels. Plus, iAmAtilla is the name behind the STM Forum, a premium networking community, home to super affiliates and one of the affiliate communities that made our list.

Luke Kling

Luke Kling is a king of affiliate marketing. Even way back in 2012, he was named #1 Affiliate Manager in the World. He runs affLIFT, an active and fast-growing online community of close to 30,000 affiliate marketers, and rich resource hub, offering things like affiliate marketing guides, case studies, land page examples, tracking help and much more – all with one goal in mind. To help you grow your affiliate business and make more money online. Plus, affLIFT a pretty affordable resource, with the choice of a monthly, 6-monthly or lifetime subscription.

Savannah Sanchez

If you’re a video content fan, then Svannah Sanchez is the e-comm master for you. Savannah’s successful career in paid social media marketing has made her a popular speaker at industry events, and podcast guest, as well as providing the ‘meat’ for her own videos, covering everything you need to win on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google. Check out her blog and video library, and stay tuned for more!


Servando Silva

If you want to follow an affiliate master who managed to become a full-time affiliate marketer in one year, look no further than Servando Silva. Check out his down-to-earth story and advice for other affiliate marketers in this interview that featured on the affLIFT forum. Check out how he does it like a pro at his own company, Stream SEO, and get the lowdown on his blog, including technical tips and loads of suggested tools and resources. And who doesn’t love a success story? Read Servando on how he turned a hobby into a profitable blog and became an affiliate master.

Make sure to follow these top affiliate marketers for inspiration and guidance. Plus, let us know who you follow in the comments.

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