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Video Creation Tools

Editor’s note: This article was updated on April 12, 2021.

In recent years, video has dominated the digital marketing space, and all signs indicate this will continue. Get this: every 30 days, more video content is uploaded to the internet than US TV networks have created in 30 years. Today, 87% of marketers are using video in their activities.

The fact is, people love watching video – making it an excellent tool for generating results. That’s why Outbrain launched FOCUS, a Click-to-Watch native video platform, last year.

Advertisers leveraging this feature through our platform are already experiencing amazing uplifts in engagement, with completion rates double those of YouTube and triple those of Facebook!

Nestle video campaign

At Outbrain, we also use video creation tools in our own digital marketing efforts. So we asked around the office and put together a list of top video creation tools you can use for your native advertising campaigns. No matter what type of video you want to create and promote, be it a branding video, explainer video, company story or testimonial video, you might want to consider using the tools below to expand your native video repertoire. So let’s dive in:


If you want to create AAA videos, but you are strapped for time, Vidico is a gamechanger. It lets you generate high-quality videos from end to end, like explainer, walkthrough, case studies, brand, and product videos. You get the full management of the creative process and video production, from script to storyboarding, animation, and more, with the help of a dedicated project manager. The result is amazing videos that you can fit into your entire sales and marketing funnels to boost brand awareness and sales.

  • Good for: All kinds of video, for a range of companies, from startups to e-commerce to enterprise.
  • Pricing: On application.
  • Free trial: N/A.

Promo is a fast, easy way to create well-branded videos. Access a template library with loads of video clips to choose from in every imaginable topic, as well as a large sample of fully licensed music.

Add your business logo, and customize the template to suit the look of your brand. Videos can be downloaded to fit any device. The marketing team at Outbrain loves Promo for creating videos to promote on our social media pages. Check out this one:

  • Good for: Branding videos for social media and native campaigns.
  • Pricing: From $49 to $359 per month.
  • Free trial: Only for creating drafts. To export videos, you must purchase a plan.

TechSmith Camtasia

Camtasia is a great piece of software for producing “screencasts.” Record your screen or desktop while you complete any action. You can also import your own video files, or select elements from the library, including intros and backgrounds.

There is a range of extra features, including animations, cursor highlights, graphics, royalty free music, as well as audio and visual effects. It’s a great solution for professional-looking explainer videos and tutorials.

  • Good for: Screencasts and explainer videos.
  • Pricing: Purchase an annual license for $249 (single use). Discount for volume license purchase of 5 or more licenses.
  • Free trial: 30 days.

Wondershare Filmora

With Filmora you can create high-quality, dramatic videos with little to no video editing experience. Select Easy Mode if you want the software to create and edit the video for you in a few minutes. Or choose Full Feature Mode to edit your own video fully.

There’s a great range of advanced visual and audio features, like an action cam module that enables you to import and edit high-res footage taken from devices like GoPro, as well as audio syncing and noise reduction features, plus much more.

  • Good for: More advanced videos with a high-quality cinematic appeal, but still easy for novices to use.
  • Pricing: Individual plan for an annual fee of $49.99 or one-payment lifetime fee of $89.98. Business plan pricing available on request.
  • Free trial: Use the free option; videos will include watermarks.


Powtoon is a versatile, easy video creation tool for animated movies. It’s ideal for all kinds of business use, including marketing, education, HR, IT, and reporting. Use fun animations from the template library to populate an animated video within minutes. We love the fun, friendly, drag-and-drop user interface.

  • Good for: Very simple-to-make, animation-style videos and presentations.
  • Pricing: From $19/month Starter package (5 video exports a month) to $99/month Agency package with unlimited exports.
  • Free trial: No, but there is a free plan that includes Powtoon branded exports and 100 MB storage, so you can experiment before purchase.


Lumen5 is a text-to-video automated video creation technology that uses AI to summarize a blog post by matching it with relevant video clips, images, and music. Videos can be optimized for different formats. It’s so easy to use, just copy and paste the URL of your blog post and click to create the video.

Then, share it on social media or via native campaigns for great exposure and conversions. At Outbrain, we’ve used Lumen5 often to transform our blog posts into videos. See this example:

  • Good for: Turning blog posts and articles into short videos for social media and native ad campaigns.
  • Pricing: Free plan for one user/limited use, $11 for casual creators, and up to $149/month for business plan. Custom pricing for multiple-user team plans.
  • Free trial: No, but you can experiment with the free Community plan.


Wideo is a great tool for creating animated videos for websites, blogs, and social media. Create the video from scratch or edit templates for a faster, easier option. This powerful animation tool allows you to create customized animations without any experience.It’s a great option for producing detailed animated marketing or explainer videos to export or embed on your site and share through your social media pages.

  • Good for: Creating customized animation videos for websites, social media, and native ad campaigns.
  • Pricing: Choose monthly payments from Basic $19 to Pro $39 or Pro+ $79 a month.
  • Free trial: Free limited plan available to try before you buy.


Magisto is a smart video editor to help you create video stories for business and marketing. Upload video and images, choose a style, and the system creates a video for you. You can edit videos with extra tools, such as filters, and choose from the extensive video and music gallery. The handy built-in Insight tool provides analytics on each video’s engagement. You can also create videos quickly and easily straight from the app, which is a great bonus.

  • Good for: Easy, quick video editing for boosting native campaigns and social media profiles.
  • Pricing: From $4.99 to $34.99 a month.
  • Free trial: Yes, for the Professional and Business plans.


An animated video creation tool that boasts the world’s largest animation library. Create animated videos and presentations fast, focusing on cartoon-style themes. There are loads of characters, objects, and backgrounds to choose from. With a clean drag-and-drop interface, Animaker is simple and easy to use for creating various types of animated videos, such as whiteboard animations.

  • Good for: Fast, simple cartoon animations with a huge range of elements to choose from.
  • Pricing: Free limited use package, or pay from $10 to $39 a month (charged annually).
  • Free trial: No, but try the free package option and then upgrade if you like it.


With Biteable, create videos based on a wide range of pre-made video templates, animations, and stock footage. Its drag-and-drop interface, royalty-free high-quality,  music library, direct share to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, all make it a great solution for beginners. No fancy video editing required; just easy software that drives results. Use a template or create your video from scratch. Either way, it’s very simple and fast.

  • Good for: Beginners who want to produce great-looking marketing, corporate, or explainer videos quickly and easily.
  • Pricing: Starter package is free (unlimited exports with Biteable watermark), Plus plan for individual creators is $19 a month, or Ultimate package for professional creators is $49 a month (charged annually).
  • Free trial: No, simply sign up for the free package.

With all of the excitement around video, it comes as no surprise that more and more DIY video creation tools have sprung up. Online marketers don’t want to spend thousands of dollars producing videos in-house or even through expensive agencies.

They want to create relevant, attractive video content on their own, so they can promote it instantly on social media or native advertising platforms.

If you try out some of the video creation tools listed above, you’ll definitely have some great video content to promote in your native advertising campaigns.

Once you’ve launched your video ad, you’ll need to look for ways to boost your view rates and return the best results from your investment. Here are some great tips about how to increase your native video exposure.

But first things first: get started on creating your native video with the help of the best video creation tools. Lights, camera, action!

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