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Moving From “Click to Skip” to “Click to Watch”

Sophie Melnik Amitay
Sophie Melnik Amitay

Outbrain Focus

Outbrain Launches FOCUS a 100% opt-in Video Solution and Further Strengthen Its Native Discovery Offering for Brands

Focus by Outbrain: click to watch video experience that enables true storytelling through long-form video content

With FOCUS, click to watch video, Outbrain is set to revolutionize video marketing and transform consumer video watching habits. In a market where a high stimulation threshold and push advertising model has led to video advertising blindness, there is a need for change in the way video is distributed and watched.

FOCUS presents a new approach built for engagement, in which video content is not forced on the viewer, but rather chosen by them. Based on a click-to-watch format, coupled with sophisticated targeting, and engaging long-form video formats ideal for deeper storytelling, the FOCUS video experience ensures a 100% engaged and opted-in audience for brands. FOCUS reflects the values of Outbrain, which is committed to creating positive personalized user experiences within a native environment across the worlds premium publisher sites.

In video advertising the metric that marketers value is not just the view but the length of the view. Targeting viewers according to their interests delivers longer watch durations and higher completion rates. In addition, marketers using Focus for video distribution are able to leverage all of the Outbrain Toolkit for advanced targeting, within a native premium environment.

Outbrain Commercial Director UK, James Milne says: 

“The advertising industry is investing enormous resources in the production of high-quality videos, for which they need effective distribution channels. Outbrain’s entry into the video market comes at just the right time, with a first-of-its-kind product that enables advertisers to deliver their brand stories to qualified and engaged audiences who have opted-in to view the content”

Early results with leading brands in Israel and Europe were far above industry benchmarks. The average viewing time for GSK’s Sensodyne 60” videos was 37, with a 49% overall completion rate. Furthermore, the Israeli drugstore chain ‘Superpharm’ ran a FOCUS video campaign to help launch its new makeup brand, “Milucca”. The video campaign made up of ‘How to” instructional videos demonstrated extraordinary results – over 60% of users watched at least 75% of the video. (Videos were 1:40 long)

In addition to a high engagement rate, FOCUS enables the advertisers to explore innovative ways to connect with their users. Outbrain partnered with Innovid, the leading video marketing platform, to create interactive video ads and run them on FOCUS.

About Outbrain

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Sophie Melnik Amitay

Sophie Melnik Amitay

Sophie is the head of marketing APAC & EEMEA at Outbrain. She is a Global Brand Strategist, Co-Founder, and Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience with a measurable track record of creating successful online and offline strategic branding concepts, product lines and events, each time finding the brand story that inspires action and create a strategy to meet ambitious new growth goals. She shares a passion for innovation, a curious mind, and expertise in defining business initiatives and plans, adapting to a changing business and technological landscape.