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BrainPower: Most Popular Fall TV Shows

The Fall TV season is in full swing, so we’ve taken a look around the world. We’re going beyond the on air ratings to take a deeper view of online content – and what audiences are most tuned into.

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Content Conversations: The Role of Agencies in the Age of Content Marketing

Last week we got together for another great Content Conversations event in Singapore, to discuss about the role of agencies in the age of content marketing.


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Outbrain teams up with PRCA to offer PR professionals insights & tools to make their content work harder

We are delighted to announce an exclusive content marketing partnership with the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) in the UK, aimed at helping its members to embrace content marketing and maximise the value of their online assets.

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BrainPower: Who will be the next American President?

With U.S. midterm elections this week, we thought it interesting to start looking ahead to the real biggie: 2016. Who’s the next POTUS?

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4 Examples of PR Strategy Converging with Content Marketing

Content marketing and public relations (PR): you can’t have one without the other. When content changes with every passing second and sharing makes or breaks a post, PR is inextricably linked with company content. Here are some examples of content marketing strategies that create good PR strategy and good PR strategy that boosts content marketing results.

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