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6 Tips for Crafting a B2B Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy

Thought leadership is the lifeblood of any sound content marketing strategy, but what the heck does it have to do with skyscrapers?! Read on to find out.

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Reader Interest Points to California as the Center of American Sports This Summer



When we embarked on our #SweetRelief tour a couple weeks ago, we chose a cross section of agencies in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. to visit.

Data fanatics that we are, we decided to look at what kinds of stories people in each city find the most engaging, and how those categories stack up against each other.  Here’s what we found:

It’s Good to Be a California Sports Fan

You could forgive New York and Chicago fans for being less than enthused about baseball this year. The Mets are having another disappointing season, the Chicago Cubs and White Sox are struggling to stay out of the cellar in their division,  and the Yankees are having an up-and-down season.

California baseball, on the other hand, is having a uniformly excellent year, with the Giants, Dodgers and Angels all contending for their division (not to mention the neighboring Oakland A’s). Which may explain why baseball stories have garnered more engagement in San Francisco and LA than the other cities.

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BrainPower: The Truth about Cats & Dogs

This year’s US pet ownership statistics were recently released. Comparing pet ownership vs. pet content consumption, you’ll see canine content doesn’t induce a Pavlovian response in all dog owners.

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5 Great (Mobile-Optimized!) Blogs For Your Content Marketing

We all love great blogs and we also love to be mobile – isn’t nice when these two are combined effectively to give us great content and insights wherever we are?

Here’s our roundup of some of the top blogs our team follows to help us with our content marketing covering everything from best practices in content creation, using content to enhance the customer experience and how to use analytics to improve your content strategy and output.

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BrainPower: Fleet Street Makes Its Way onto Main Street



This July, Americans weren’t just seeking entertainment from Prince George’s birthday and Germany’s ascendancy in the World Cup. The most read story of the month was the Malaysia Airlines plane crash. Americans are turning to UK publishers for their everyday news.

This peak also suggests Fleet Street members like The Telegraph and The Guardian are witnessing the strategic payoff of actively developing their American audience.

As these publications continue to expand their reach across the Pond, Americans will discover more content with a British twist.


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