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BrainPower: The Content Latin Americans Care about Most


The Content Marketing equivalent to “You are what you eat” is “You are what you read.” So we took a look at the top content categories across several Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Sure, metrics are used to measure engagement, but the real value is not the numbers themselves, but what the numbers reveal about audiences.

So what do content consumption patterns reflect about Latin Americans?

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How Brand Utility Can Help You Achieve Higher Customer Satisfaction

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably already familiar with the term ‘brand utility’, at least in its most basic sense. For those that aren’t, though, brand utility is simply the process of connecting a brand to a purpose. We take a look at the dos and dont’s of brand utility and how it is the key to high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Brand Storytelling: 5 Tips for Channeling J. Peterman When Telling Your Brand’s Story with Content

J. Peterman knew a thing or two about how to tell a story. How can you apply his sage advice to your content marketing? Find out!

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BrainPower: “Interesting” Outdistances “Relevant” in Analysis of Golf Content.

BrainPower-Golf Content

This week, we pulled out some data on the consumption of content about golf. We chose to highlight this week due to the relevance of the 40th Ryder Cup matches this weekend, but our primary insight from it is one that should be interesting year round. That’s the often-overlooked importance of personalized media experiences and “interesting-ness.”

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Content Marketers Got 99 Marketing Problems…and Here are Just 4

I know content marketing can be quite a challenge, but there is a method to the madness. and if you stick with it, you can (and will) see transformative results for your company. Let’s discuss…

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