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BrainPower: The Truth about Cats & Dogs

This year’s US pet ownership statistics were recently released. Comparing pet ownership vs. pet content consumption, you’ll see canine content doesn’t induce a Pavlovian response in all dog owners.

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5 Great (Mobile-Optimized!) Blogs For Your Content Marketing

We all love great blogs and we also love to be mobile – isn’t nice when these two are combined effectively to give us great content and insights wherever we are?

Here’s our roundup of some of the top blogs our team follows to help us with our content marketing covering everything from best practices in content creation, using content to enhance the customer experience and how to use analytics to improve your content strategy and output.

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BrainPower: Fleet Street Makes Its Way onto Main Street



This July, Americans weren’t just seeking entertainment from Prince George’s birthday and Germany’s ascendancy in the World Cup. The most read story of the month was the Malaysia Airlines plane crash. Americans are turning to UK publishers for their everyday news.

This peak also suggests Fleet Street members like The Telegraph and The Guardian are witnessing the strategic payoff of actively developing their American audience.

As these publications continue to expand their reach across the Pond, Americans will discover more content with a British twist.


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A Second Serving of Our #SweetRelief Tour


Last Thursday it was our pleasure to embark on the #SweetRelief tour and provide a little summer oasis for some hardworking agency friends cooped up in their offices. We visited 14 agencies in 4 four cities and handed out over 2,000 Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, thanks to our partners in all things delicious SweeteryNYC.

But most importantly, we enjoyed great conversations and saw some winning smiles. Here are  the highlights.

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BrainPower: What European Content Consumption Trends Tell Can You


Tea and Content, Anyone?

This week we unearthed key differences in content consumption peak times across European countries.

Through the lens of the mobile media consumption habits we examined globally earlier this year, you’ll find that the British and the Germans approach their content in similar yet different fashion. What do we mean?

Their consumption patterns peak at the same times, but on different platforms. When the Germans get their fix of desktop content over lunch at noon, the British are on their mobile phones. Around 9pm, the British sit with their laptops perusing web pages while the Germans opt for the hand-held screen. Are the Brits simply busier than their German counterparts during the day? Or do the Germans have trouble parting with the phone at night?

Read here for more of our findings.

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