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BrainPower: August in the News Content Review

We’ve reached the laziest days of summer, and it seems many of our content marketer friends are on vacation. But news continues to happen.

So we quickly looked at the three topics that may be unavoidable, and the nearly 200,000 stories on our platform that covered them recently.

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Quality content should humanise the brand and put the customer first– a content marketing Q&A with Mike Saraswat, Ekstasy

As part of Outbrain’s series profiling rising stars of the content marketing world, we recently spoke with Mike Saraswat, Founder and film producer at Ekstasy.

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As Mobile App Usage Grows, Interest in Apps Themselves Wanes



Do We Have Time For Apps?

Despite a 52% growth in mobile app usage last year, it turns out well over half of US smartphone users download no more than zero apps every month, and those that do only download one or two of them.

comScore’s findings in their 2014 US Mobile App Report might be troubling news for the app ecosystem — and mobile at large — if it didn’t make so much sense. As our habits on mobile devices begin to crystallize, a telling pattern is emerging: we treat apps like we treat, say, websites on the Internet. Only a handful of them merit our regular attention, and we need compelling reasons to visit or use any others (let alone pay for them). In fact, 42% of all smartphone app usage occurs on the user’s most-used app, according to the report.

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6 Tips for Crafting a B2B Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy

Thought leadership is the lifeblood of any sound content marketing strategy, but what the heck does it have to do with skyscrapers?! Read on to find out.

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Reader Interest Points to California as the Center of American Sports This Summer



When we embarked on our #SweetRelief tour a couple weeks ago, we chose a cross section of agencies in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. to visit.

Data fanatics that we are, we decided to look at what kinds of stories people in each city find the most engaging, and how those categories stack up against each other.  Here’s what we found:

It’s Good to Be a California Sports Fan

You could forgive New York and Chicago fans for being less than enthused about baseball this year. The Mets are having another disappointing season, the Chicago Cubs and White Sox are struggling to stay out of the cellar in their division,  and the Yankees are having an up-and-down season.

California baseball, on the other hand, is having a uniformly excellent year, with the Giants, Dodgers and Angels all contending for their division (not to mention the neighboring Oakland A’s). Which may explain why baseball stories have garnered more engagement in San Francisco and LA than the other cities.

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