OBGood: Outbrain Staff Worldwide Gives Back to the Community


All over the world, Outbrain employees are giving back to their communities through the OBGood outreach program.

From London to Sydney to Netanya, staff from our offices work with local charities and organizations to spread a little love and goodness. Let’s take a whirl around the world and see what OBGood-doers have been doing these past months:

Down Under: OB Good APAC

For Mother’s Day, Outbrain in Sydney gathered a list of mothers among our agency clients and surprised them by delivering flowers to their desks with a personal note.

Mother's day

In honor of Earth Day, Outbrain in Singapore worked with NEA (National Environmental Authority of Singapore) to get recycling bins placed in our building and on the streets outside. We also started educating the team as well as the late night cleaners on how to recycle.

Earth Day

Moving on to the Middle East: OBGood Israel

In Israel, the Outbrain Tutoring Project is in its third year. A group of 15 underprivileged junior-high students from a nearby neighborhood came to the Netanya office once a week where our staff volunteered to teach them various subjects, mainly English and Mathematics. We are proud to report that all the students progressed dramatically during the year,  based on the standards of the Ministry of Education.

Outbrain Israel also participated for the fourth year running in ‘No Family Hungry’, a food collection and distribution project. Every holiday, the staff collect food or donations to buy food, package it as “festive dinner kits” and distribute the kits to elderly people in Netanya, mainly Holocaust survivors. This project began at Outbrain and has now expanded to include many other companies in the area.

No Family Hungry

Bound for Europe: OBGood Germany

In April, the Germany team sponsored an Easter surprise for a local children’s daycare center. The center supports children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, refugees and immigrants, and offers them a safe environment for learning, playing music, games and socializing. The team created little Easter nests and gifted all single moms with a voucher to spend in H&M.


All of this work is done anonymously by the team, so for the recipients, they are actually the “Easter Bunny”, as evident in these wonderful emails received from the happy moms:

“Dear Easter bunny, Thank you very much for the lovely easter nests and the H&M Voucher. My kids were totally excited doing some shopping and are finally able to wear the same “cool clothes” like their friends.”

“Dear Easter bunny, you have done me and my kids such a big favor and we had so much fun while shopping! Thank you very very very much!”

Across the Channel: OBGood London

The charity committee from Team UK hosted a Charity Pub Quiz, held at a local pub and attended by about 50 people, including staff, their families and friends. Eight teams participated in the quiz, including a team from Food Cycle, the charity supported by OBGood. The CEO of Food Cycle gave a brief talk about the great work they do. Teams took on questions about sports, history, geography, current events, music and more.

It was a great event, where we also ran a charity raffle. As a result, we raised over £400!


The Big Apple: OBGood New York

New York celebrated Earth Day this year by streaming ecological-centric programming the entire week and taking the plastic-free pledge. Twenty-nine New Yorkers stepped up to the plate for the pledge and were gifted with succulents for their desks.

OBGood returned to volunteer at Xavier Mission’s weekly Soup Kitchen, serving over 1,500 New Yorkers in need. Additionally, through our Tupperware drive, we collected over 100 containers for Soup Kitchen guests to carry hot meals home.


All year round, Outbrainers everywhere are contributing to their communities.

Not only is it very fulfilling, it is also great fun to give back in so many ways to important causes. We’ll be spreading more good news from OBGood later in the year.

Thanks to all our staff around the world for the good that you do!

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